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Let us know more about hammer crusher

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Hammer crusher has various types and can be classified into single rotor hammer crusher and double rotor hammer crusher according to the number of rotor, and be classified into reversible hammer crusher and irreversible hammer crusher in accordance with the direction of rotation of rotor. While it can also be classified into single row hammer crusher and multi-row hammer crusher in line with the arrangement of hammers and be classified into movable hammer crusher and fixed hammer crusher according to the connection of hammer.

The characteristics

The hammer crusher is a kind of crushing equipments, and is advanced equipment in hammer crusher series of technical industry, the use of advanced production technology, first feeding, forming, high efficiency, energy saving characteristics. Into the material in accordance with the needs of course, medium, fine, complete specifications; sheet, smooth body, the polygonal Duoleng Yasumasa compressive strength. Particularly adapted to the materials used in highways, buildings and large-scale projects. The crusher has removed the jaw early-breaking process, as new models of the size of the material once broken, large output, high efficiency, power, saving manpower and resources, reducing the crushing cost of materials. Machine broken stone, not only the specifications, and uniform. clear, old-fashioned jaw broken machine and plate hammer to break alternative. This series product is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium hardness and brittle materials. Such as limestone, coal and other materials mainly used in cement, mining, coal preparation, power generation, and chemical and building materials industry.


Hammer crusher is applied for crushing various materials with medium hardness and weak abrasiveness. The compressive strength of the material that was crushed by the hammer crusher is no more than 100 MPa, the moisture content of which is less than 15%. The generally crushed material includes coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, bricks, limestone, etc. The hammer crusher is also used in crushing the broke wood of fiber structure, flexibility and strong tenacity, paper or broken asbestos, slags of cement for recycling of the asbestos fibers and so on.

In addition, hammer crusher can be used not only in crushing production line; it can also be used in the sand making production line. And can be used in dressing production line to take the place of cone crusher. The main working part of the hammer crusher is the hammer (also called hammer) rotor. The rotor disc is mainly composed by the spindle, pin shaft and a hammer. The motor is to drive the rotor cavity in broken high rotation speed. Materials enter into the machine from the mouth to the feeding, and then are blowed, impacted, sheared, abraded and shattered by the high-speed moving hammer. In the bottom of the rotor, there installed with a sieve plate. The crushing materials of a size less than that of the screen whole level will be discharged through the sieve plate, the size of which greater than that of the screen hole will still stay on the sieve plate to be farther crushed and grand by the hammer, finally through the sieve turned out.


The crushers Zenith produced have been exported to South Africa , Malaysia , India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Philippines , Brasil , Romania , Egypt , Ghana , Uruguay , Mexico , Vietnam , Nigeria , Kenya , Angola , Congo , Sudan , Yemen , Saudi Arabia , Oman , Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan , Algeria , Chile , Peru , Ecuador , Senegal , Indonesia , Zimbabwe , Libya , Mozambique , Colorado , Iran , Nepal , Russia , Puerto Rico , Iraq , Botswana , Venezuela , US-FL , Afghanistan , Colombia , Maroc, Algérie , Zambia , Cuba , Italy , Paraguay , Lebanon , Vanuatu , Mongolia , Georgia , Canada , Tunisia , Uganda , Namibia , Belgium , Lao PDR , Australia , Syria , Bangkok etc.

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