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The movable equipemnt in crushing

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Mobile crushing station — excellent mobile crushing station

Mobile primary crushing station is developed according to novel series stone crushing equipment’s design idea, which expands the concept field of coarse crushing and fine crushing. Its design idea is based on the clients’ requirements, which clears faults of the crushing place, surroundings and the complex basic configurations. This series mobile crushers really supply simpler, higher efficient lower cost machines for clients.

Outstanding performance of mobile crushing station:

1. PE Series high-performance crusher

2. Feeder and vibrating screen are all in one.

3. Turn axle of traction is convenient for road transit and expanding the working place.

4. Belt conveyor under screen, vibrating screen, crusher installation of an integrated on-board

5. Vehicle installation supporting is easier for equipment to station in the working place.

6. Vehicle electric generating set, motors and control box are all included.

Applications of mobile crushing station Integrated set of the station

The form. of integrative installment reduces the installation of the complex infrastructure and accessory equipment, lower the consumption of materials and man-hour. The spatial arrangement optimizes the operating spaces, saves the floor space and expands the flexibility of stationing.

This keeps the system fully mobile and rock solid under all conditions while Portable crusher excitement is significantly reduced, said Thomas Jabs, vice-president, TechCenters materials handling, Sandvik Mining and Construction. This not only keeps availability at a high level, but also improves the positioning of the machine.

Advantages of mobile crushing station:


~Lower freight cost

~Direct and efficient operation

~Easy to adapt and flexible to collocate

~Reliable performance and convenient maintenance

Hongxing Machinery is the best China mobile crushers supplier and we can provide the best services for you. 

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