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Our Combination Crusher will Leave you a deep Impression

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Brief Introduction to the Combination Crusher:

The combination crusher is a new type of fine crushing and rough milling product after optimizing and designing the main technical parameter and combining the crushing technologies domestic and international. It is mainly used to crush crude cement materials and grogs in medium-sized factory, providing an ideal fine crushing equipment for the technological innovation of cement factories or setting up the cement production line. It is also applicable for crushing iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace residue, coal stone, piece coal, and many other ores of medium hardness, characterized by the large crushing ratio, little energy consumption, stable run, simple structure, and convenient maintenance and operation.

Working Principle of the Combination Crusher:

Raw materials are fed from the top of the combination crusher, and fall into the rotating impeller at a high speed to be crushed. As other materials simultaneously fall around the rotating impeller, the two kinds of materials join together and are crushed by each other. The materials are crushed many times in and around the impeller of the combination crusher, and are finally discharged from beneath the machine. Via a closed loop, controlled by screening equipment, the product achieves its required final size.

Features of Combination Crusher:

1. Combination crusher High wear-resisting oil seal and sound insulation board greatly avoid vibration; make processing materials from oil pollution.

2. The machine full steel body, Concentrator reasonable structure, and easy to maintenance, repair rate is low

3. The machine is mainly used for low hardness material all soft/hard broken, various shapes such as: massive, the ball, strip low hardness material granular crushed into recycling, Stone thus enhancing the low hardness of material recycling.

4. With motor overloaded with alarm, effective protection system, equipped with the tool insurance switch, ensure safe cleaning

5. The machine at the bottom of the wheel with small move, move freely, the large machine equipped with shock absorber, ensure smooth.

6. Cutting tools of flexibility is very strong, the thought, the service life is special

7. Novel design claw blade structure, scissors principle, the broken all kinds of soft and hard low hardness material, quite simple.

Application of Combination Crusher:

The Combination crusher machine in Hxjq has been widely installed in highways and high-speed railway construction in each province and city. The combination crusher machine is the indispensable equipment of national infrastructure, especially for basalt stone crushing. The material through the combination crusher crushing, the slice content will be reduced; compound crusher is the desired equipment in aggregate production process.

Combination crusher machine produced by our company has created a new era of high-speed railway construction; it is the representative of a new era of composite crusher and has been applied to selected iron equipment in high-speed rail and highway construction. The combination crusher machine has been widely promoted, and got recognition of our customers, Hxjq is willing to work with you to create brilliant future in industry.

In Recent years, the export volume of crusher is larger and larger, and the range of export is more and more widely. Now more and more foreigners begin taking notice of our crusher. Also, the crusher industry has the characteristics of environmental-friendly and industry concentration. The manufacturer should hold the development trend of crusher exactly to have a better development.

As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Ball mill,Vibratory feeder,jaw crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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