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Flotation machine in the ore dreesing

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Introduction of Flotation machine in detail

At present, 50 m3 flotation machines have widely applied in our country, and it has solved the difficult problems about technology of many enterprises and industry, such as Jinchuan group, Baotou Iron &Steel company, China Aluminum Industry Company, Guixi Smelter of Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group, Jinfeng Gold Mine and other large mainstay enterprises. The 50 m3 flotation machine which they applied is more than 200 sets in total, involving the non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, and nonmetal, gold and solid waste use, etc, and had created the great economic benefits.

The successful development of the oversize flotation machine, such as 160 m3, makes the overall competition ability and international influence of our country flotation device for further improvement. 160 m3 and 130 m3 already have been as the first choice of large milling machines in our country. PA90120 and PA100120 large dynamic low jaw crusher, GYP900 inertia cone crusher and mining of micro-bubble flotation column has also got promotion application and achieved good effect in Anqing copper mine, Ashele copper, western mining industry and other mining enterprises.

Flotation machine classification

Types of mechanical flotation machine flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine, flotation machine or hybrid inflatable flotation machine, gas precipitation flotation machine.

The various usage of Flotation machine

First, the flotation devices on the rational use of

1, a flotation ore processing equipment to be uniform, not excess.

2, control the pulp density and agents.

3, adjusting the flotation device into the air.

4, the flotation tank may not have wood, rags and other debris.

5, flotation equipment, parking, parking shall be in the ball mill after 20 minutes before stopping.

Second, flotation equipment operation and inspection of

1, a pre-preparation, rack, motor base, loose screws on the main bearings.

2, flotation equipment, tank leaks.

3, flotation equipment, scraper and scraper shaft is intact.

4, flotation devices if the tank debris.

5, slurry pipes are kept clear.

6, each lubrication point whether there is oil.

7, V-belt tension should be appropriate.

8, the pulley installed without loosening.

9, V-belt is a broken trace.

10, knife switch box is intact.

11 ministries screws, contacts are good.

Third, methods of operation to drive the order of

1, close the switch box knife.

2, move the pulley by hand after that you can start light unimpeded by the start button, and pay attention to the sound of the motor.

3, the scraper motor starting, normal operation can be everything to mine. The order of 1 parking, parking, and parking shall be twenty minutes in the ball mill and then stop the motor rotation.

4, stopped motor scraper, pull down the switch box knife.

5, without notice, blackout, you can pull down the switch box.

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