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The classifier does great job in ore dressing

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Product Description

We produce high weir type, single and double spiral, and immersed single and double spiral classifiers. Our spiral classifiers are widely used in the distribution of ore in closed circuits with ball mills, grading ore and fine slit in gravity mills, grading granularity and flow of metal ore-dressing, and de-sliming and dehydrating in washing. This product features simple structure, reliable working conditions and convenient operation. Because different grains have different specific gravity and sedimentation rates in liquid, this product allows the fine ore to flow in the water, while coarse ore sinks to the bottom. This Screw classifier can filter materials and send course materials to the feeding mouth and discharge fine materials from the pipe. The seat of the machine features channel steel material, while the body is armor plated and the spiral axle is made of cast iron for durability. The machine's lifting equipment can be used manually or electronically.
Features of Classifier

  • Custom designed & built
  • Energy efficient
  • Inline planetary reducer drive
  • State of the art submerged bearing assembly
  • Powerful hydraulic spiral lifting device
  • Wide range of application
  • Easy to maintain & operate
  • Rigid substructure design
  • Optional anti corrosion treatment for tank
  • Over flow collection launder
  • Adjustable weirs
  • Continuous raking

China Spiral Assembly and Usage

The key component of a spiral classifier is the main shaft, which is carefully designed and selected to prevent deflection due to the spiral weight and the thrust load imposed by the spiral during raking. Large diameter, seamless steel, tubular shaft with sufficient wall thickness is used for minimum deflection. Heavy duty cast steel arms are clamped to the main shaft. The spiral consists of sectional circular steel flights bolted to the arms to form. a
Spiral separator is widely used to control material size from Ball Mill in the beneficiation process, separate mineral sand and fine mud in the gravity concentration, and clean mud and water in washing mineral process.  This machine has features of simple structure, reliable and convenient operation, etc. And it is an Ore spiral classifier

Our company price depends on the Spiral classifier price and you can get best equipment. 

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