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Confidence Built on Jaw Crusher

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Being one of the most important machine in mining machinery industry, jaw crusher spreads far and wide in the world. It is so popular just because its superior

performance and simple operation. It can break the high hardness materials easily, and is durable,easy to repair. So the jaw crusher was deeply favored by domesitic

and foreign customers.It is Hean Hongxing's flagship product and is also the best sale product series. For many years, it enjoys good sales both at home and

abroad. Our crusher is widely used in many departments, such as smelt metal, building materials, mining ,railway, chemical industry,etc.

Features compaired with traditional machines:

1. The size of the reduction ratio is more big

2. The cavity of crusher is more deep

3. Lubrication system is more safe and reliable

4. The noise is low and dust is little,etc.

And our product has super quality and competitive price compaired with other similar products manufacturers. Please learn more mining machinery product

information in our web site.

Like all other crushers, jaw crushers sometimes go wrong and don't work smoothly as usual. Then, we should study the common malfunction so that we can find

efficicient remedies. We are sure conficidence can be built on jaw crushers.

Common symptom1:a suddenly stop of the host (commonly known as: boring car).

Reasons:1)the block of discharge port lead the sealing; 2)the loose of rotation of the belt driving sheave rotating make the belt slip; 3)eccentric shaft bush sleeve is

loose, causing the rack bearing no gaps in both sides, so that the eccentric shaft stuck, unable to turn; 4)workplace voltage is too low, which causes the host

encounter aniseed,and the inability broken; 5) bearing damage.

Remedy:1)removing obstruction of the discharge opening to ensure the smooth flow of materials; 2)tighten or replace belt; 3)to re-install or replace the bush sleeve;

4)align the workplace voltage to conform. to the requirements of the host operating voltage; 5)replacement bearing.

Symptom 2:the host sheave and moving jaw functioning normally, but broken cease work.

Reasons:1)tension spring break; 2)rod fracture; 3)off or broken of the bracket

Remedy:1)replace tension spring; 2)replace the rod; 3)to re-install or replace the bracket

Symptom 3:stunned Crusher spring break.

Reason: emphasis on small Jaw Crusher discharge opening with the spring tention.

Remedy: Replace the spring.

Symptom 4:flying sheave shaft swing.

Reasons:1) flying sheave shaft hole slot, flat key or shaft wear and loose in coordinating; 2)stone rolling into the inside of the wheel result in cracking of the flying

sheave wheel shell; 3)casting defects; 4)flying sheave expansion sleeve looses.

Remedy:1)flat key wear, replace the flat key, or replace the eccentric shaft or fly wheel slot; 2)by doing flying tank round shield and replace the eccentric shaft or fly

wheel slot; 3)replace the eccentric shaft or tank round. 4)Re-tight set up sleeve

Symptom 5:there is beating and crash sound in the process of moving or fixing the jaw plate .

Reasons:1)fastening bolts of jaw Crusher’s jaw plate loose or falling; 2)jaw Crusher’s discharge opening is too small lead the bottom two jaw plates hit each other.

Remedy:1)fixed or installed for tight bolts; 2)align the nesting population to ensure that the correct gap between two jaw plate.

As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Jaw crusher,Flotation cell,Sand washing machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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