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Advice for the Protection of Hammer Crusher

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Hammer crusher uses  high-speed rotation of the hammer, the impact of Chief grinding stripping crushed limestone equipment at work for a long time by the impact and friction of the material, so that the rotor is inevitable composition of component wear, deformation, damage and loss of normal working . If analysis of the rotor status and life expectancy, so that planned maintenance, overhaul, in the event of emergencies, caused serious loss to stop all production of the enterprise.

Hammer crusher failure performance are: hammer plate shaft hole and the outer edge of serious wear and tear; hammer shaft fracture, cracking of the hammer plate, the locking device failure, displacement of the spindle, bearing fever, severe bearing damage, spindle deformation or fracture.

Journal, heating difficulties, and heating for a long time, and the temperature is not easy to control uniformity, straightening should pay attention to the following five points:

1. A straightening force applied is not excessive force to prevent spindle collapse in at the crack hidden;

2. when the bending amount should be divided into several straightening;

3. the correction value should be appropriate to exceed the axis bending values, to eliminate the effects of springback deformation axis in the straightening force is removed;

4. In straightening with the straightening force to stay for some time at the surface of the shaft along the axial plane with a small plumb bob gently beat in order to eliminate the internal stress to prevent straightening after deformation;

5. in the straightening process, the axis of bending value should continue to be measured, until you meet the standards. Axis Φ200-300, the bending value should not exceed 0.06mm, straightening of the shaft, the bend shall not exceed 0.1-0.15mm.

Hammerhead is the main working parts of the hammer crusher. Score decile of hammer plate along the circumference, and is equipped with N-hammerhead, adjacent to the hammerhead staggered, and the hammer can be used for full rotation of 360 degrees. When the hammer side of the former Ministry of edge wear to a width of 2/3, the hammer flange, after the hammer wear resistant alloys, can save a lot of metal material consumption.

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