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Efficient Rock Crushing Process Design

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Hongxing applies mining and automation technologies to help you best utilize your assets. Excavation, transportation, sizing, stockyard storing, homogenization and reclamation are all part of the mining processes we support. Our offering includes consulting, systems design, engineering, procurement, erection and support, for turn-key projects, individual new equipment or upgrades and modernizations. We design and manufacture the full range of conveyor components used in materials handling equipment, whether for new systems or replacement parts to any existing equipment.

Hongxing Mining and Construction represents one third of the overall Hongxing Group and serves a broad range of customers in construction, mineral exploration, mining and bulk materials handling. Our construction expertise covers quarrying, tunneling, demolition and recycling, and other civil engineering applications. Our mining products and services support customers on the surface and underground, including coal, copper and gold mining.

Our goal is to make our customers more successful through long-term cooperation and partnerships. That success comes from efficient process design, innovative engineering and a dedication to reliability. The Hongxing brand has always stood for productivity and quality. We also have the global parts logistics and local services to keep the continuous mining processes running.

A continuous soft rock process starts with a bucket wheel excavator. The mined material, overburden or other material, such as lignite, is then transported from the pit on conveyors. Overburden material is typically dumped on the other side of the pit across from the mine face.

In this technique, the conveyor system transports the material along three sides of the pit. Because each mine operation is unique, our engineering and mining experts design the correct system for each specific operation. The bucket wheel excavator, through an installed conveyor system, discharges overburden into the receiving chute of a hopper car. To minimize distance and height issues, a beltwagon can work as a mobile link to the mobile hopper offering greater flexibility. A conveyor system, specially adapted to the topographic conditions, transfers the material around the pit to a crawler-mounted spreader which discharges the waste material in the dumping area.

As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cone crusher, Mobile impact crusher,Primary jaw crusher,Mineral sand washer, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

The selective use of advanced crush and cleavage crush principle, exert sufficient kinetic energy directly to the material and converted into kinetic energy by the impact of the materials needed to overcome the fragmentation can be broken. Basic materials, surface texture along its natural cleavage fracture surface, grain shape is good, their consumption is low. The machine can achieve 'rock stone' and 'stone blacksmith' two works of conversion.

In stone crush plant, jaw crusher is used as primary crusher machine, when big stones are crushed smaller after jaw crusher, they are transferred to impact crusher or cone crusher for secondary crushing, then go through the stone shapping machine for getting cubic size. Using screening machine to screen out the suitable building aggregates, while the unsuitable stones return to the crusher machine for re-crushing.

Material falling into the hopper, the hole through the center feed thrown into high-speed rotation of the wheel, the wheel being rapidly accelerated rejection, acceleration up to several times its acceleration due to gravity, and then thrown from the wheel of high-speed injection, the first free-fall and rebound another part of the materials to impact, and with the impact of the lining materials (stone hit stone) or counter-block (stone blacksmith), the impact is on the rebound oblique vortex chamber to the top, but also change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, and with the impeller emitted from the material impact the formation of a continuous material curtain. Thus, a material in the vortex chamber by two broken several chances to impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The material was broken by the lower row of the discharge port.

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