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Novel Type Sand Maker

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Since we entered in the 21st century, many super-large hydropower stations in our country come into operation in succession, which makes the hydropower

construction go into a period of great prosperity. And these engineering projects can never be finished without using artificial sand and stone as the concrete

aggregate and this is no exception. With over 30 years of production practice and the obtained technical achievements as the foundation, the artificial sand

technology in our country entered the era of rapid innovation and can be widely used. International advanced technology and rich practical experience are in

the organic combination makes artificial sand technology in our country to reach and even create first-class level in the world in some aspects.

The third generation sand maker manufactured by Hongxing Machinery is an advanced and efficient machine that withstands the test of market, our sand

manufacturing line equipment can process the rocks into 1 to 20 millimeters of fine sand and coarse sand according to customer needs. Especially on the

most significant end such as high iron, highway construction site everywhere you can see thousands of cubic meters of the stone and sand stacks, of which

the equipment used can not lack the supply of Hongxing Machinery.

How it is working? 1. Center Feeding: Raw material falls down into feed hopper, and then enters impeller through central entrance hole. It is accelerated in high-speed impeller, and then is thrown out at speed of 60-75m/s. When hitting impact plate, it is crushed. Final products come downwards though outlet.

In the construction of highway and railway, the demand of sand is very large, nowadays, only relying on the supply of natural sand material is far from enough,

artificial sand was born at the right time. However, the performance characteristics of artificial sand are also questioned: can it take the place of the

performance of natural sand? With these questions, we consult a professional manufacturer of sand making equipment-Hongxing Machinery.

Jaw crusher is a country with a long history of broken equipment, its construction is simple, the work is very reliable, easy maintenance, has been used in

metallurgy mineral, building building materials, chemical fertilizer, railway bridge, etc. Jaw crusher is generally classified into three kinds: Jane tilting jaw

crusher, the complex tilting jaw crusher and hydraulic jaw crusher.

Experts analyze that, from the general sense, artificial sand refers to all of manufactured sand and mixed sand that have been treated by the soil. Artificial

sand refers to the sand that has been broken by the crusher and screened that gives conform. to the materials specifications. In the project construction, it

often mixed together with natural sand and its proportion is configured according to the various properties of concrete that engineering project requires.

Before use, it also needs strict technical requirements and inspection. According to the difference of production mineral sources and processing

technology, it will be different in the shape and the gradation. Compared with natural sand; if the proportion design and other material molding maintenance

condition are the same, concrete that using artificial sand configured out has the following characteristics.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machine is a famous sand maker manufacturer in China, which was established in 1960. Our sand maker have super quality and

competitive price. Our sand maker sold all over the world for decades years. Favored by domestic and foreign customers. If you have any questions of our

sand machine, please contact us. With its high quality products such as Hammer crusher, Ore flotation equipment, Ore flotation equipment, Vibrating screen, Cone crusher, Henan Hongxing

mining machinery Co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.

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