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Cheaper Crushers Customized just for You

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Cone Crusher has been widely used in rock tunneling projects and so on metal mine, coal ore-bearing rocks lane, chemical mining, water and electricity

culvert, railroad and highway tunnel. To reduce the replacement and the maintenance cost, Henan Hongxing Company after developing successfully the

Hydraulic Cone Crusher which adopts the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentricity, so taht the size of the crushed product is much smaller.

Therefore, more crushing and less grinding efficiency is more significant, crushing and grinding power consumption is reduced greatly. Perfect combination

of high crushing efficiency and highly efficient chamber makes larger capacity than other crushers. More materials are crushed by different layers, so size of

final product is evenly cubic. Hydraulic adjustment and method for cleaning chamber make operation and maintenance much more convenient and

automatic. This series of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher has much less trouble, and operating ratio is increased more than 85%,so the whole cost

is reduced greatly.


1. Human design and hydraulic adjustment of discharge outlet save time and work. Adjustment can be controlled precisely.

2. Single hydraulic system adjusts main shaft and body, the body can rise and decline integrally to adjust discharge size, so side cylinder and upper frame.

with slope can be avoided.

3. Working pressure system can be adjusted hydraulically, pressure adjusting system can discharge super hard materials to protect the machine.

4. Spare parts can be changed easily. Fixed cone and cone body combine stably after precise design, and filler is not necessary to be filled again, so time to

change spare parts can be saved. Fixed cone is installed stably, so stuffing is not necessary to be filled.

5. Hydraulic pressure of the whole machine is so low that it gives lower pressure to the main frame, and hydraulic system lasts longer.

6. The machine is designed with small size, so installation and transportation are very convenient.


Based on 30years' manufacturing and producing experience, Our company finally developed S series cone crusher. This machine adopts USA and

Germany advanced high technology. This machine has the best capacity and is easy to be operationed. It has scheduled system to shut down the system to

ensure safe operation.

With its high quality products such as China vibrating feeder, Secondary cone crusher, Cement making machine, Ore beneficiation, Rotary kiln, Henan

Hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.

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