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Fly Ash Ball Mill Stands Out in Classifying Production

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With the increasing cosumption of natural resources, the wastes are growing fast as well including city wastes, industrial and agricultural wastes. According to their unique characteristic, they can be used as different building materials respectively to reduce environmental pollution and natural resources consumption. Fly ash, a most common waste among them, is widely applied in road building program because of its unique high hardness and strength.

In the process of fly ash utilization, the fineness of fly ash has certain impact on its strength. The finer the fly ash is, the higher strength the ash is. Therefore, it is vital to choose a grinding mill with finer grinding degree and better performance in the production of fly ash processing. Accelerating the speed of innovation, development, and production, Hongxing vigorously develops MQX micro powder ball mill combined the requirement of grinding mill over the years and the features of raw fly ash processed. In recent years, the cement industry makes great progress in the field of grinding with the help of new technology and new type energy-saving equipments such as raymond mill and high strength pulverizer. However, for cement production line, there is still a big gap in quality between the products produced by ordinary mills and MQX micro powder ball mill. In addition, the production capacity is far from enough to satisfy the need of cement production. The particles of processed fly ash by ball mill are round in shape and smooth on surface, so the concrete has higher strength. On the other hand, the products of ordinary mill vary in shape and are coarse in the surface, which will exerts bad influence on the utilization of cement. Internationally, the best choice for optimizing the cement quality is to apply ball mill as the final producing equipment to meet the need of cement production.

Unlike the traditional cement mills and grinding mills, the design of Hongxing MQX micro powder ball mill reaches the German raw mineral processing requirement. It optimizes the draw ratio to avoid over-grinding and get the most satisfactory grinding result. Besides, it adopts deck plate mill tail to ensure smooth material flow. Druing the process, there is no rise grinding phenomenon and the cylinder needn’t cooling. Hard mineral can be used without iron pollution design. Lining board and grinding medium use alumina ceramic, quartz, SILEX or special materials. It also Optimizes the drive and grinding energy consumption in the match to save as much energy as possible.

As a multinational enterprise, the red star machines constantly adopt the new technology, research and develop new products for all customers wholeheartedly and provide quality products and services at the same time. We also constantly develop new business channel and strive to meet customers’ needs of diversification and personalized service. The enterprise has been adhering to the 'quality is the best qualified social obligation, the quality of excellence is to contribute to society' service concept, regards users, providing quality services and promoting harmonious society as its own duty, trying hard 'to become your satisfied partner'.

In the past few years, the company has strengthened the professional talent training by sending business backbone to customers every year on the scene to understand customers' needs and to listen to their customers. We also focus on the compound talents training and enhancing the business personnel's service skills to do good job in customer service.

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