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Promining and Antimining Camp

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First, let's see some mining industry related questions: where and how mine wastes and tailings are disposed, how quality water sources for
domestic and irrigation needs are assured, how forest and biodiversity losses are addressed, how the impact of climate change is not further
exacerbated, how engagements with indigenous communities do not fracture cultural integrity, how economic benefits genuinely translate to human
development, and how capacities are built in society that move the country forward. Difficult to answer? Yes, indeed.
With the discussions on mining gaining more media attention and with statements and positions emerging from various institutions, the past
polarization of advocates and critics—pros and antis—is being lifted out of previous discussions and reenacted in soap opera fashion. We need to
go deeper than the argument that we all use metal, anyway, in our daily lives, as this should instead reinforce the need to reduce, recycle and
The pro-mining camp presents itself as vital to national economic development. Investments are massive and long-term; returns are in employment
and services, and also in building schools for the poor and caring for the environment. A percentile of profit is shared with communities on the
land, more than they can absorb for their betterment. Ironically for the industry, this fuels ever more angry opposition.
The anti-mining camp defines disbelief in the industry and that “nothing has changed”; criticism of mining is no longer simply aligned with the
Left. Church groups are fed up with the process, and bishops don’t want to be monitoring mines. Arguably, they do a better job than enforcers by
nagging urban society to broader accountabilities of not wasting the life and livelihood of generations.
More discerning questions and concerns are emerging on the environmental, social, and economic impact of mining in relation to governance and the
competence to enforce and regulate. Production sharing, for the fuss made, is inordinately low; actual economic contribution bears questioning,
and both need painful readjustment. The basic rights of indigenous peoples have again halted with the deferment of the titling process, raising
concerns on further exposure of their areas to greater risks from all resource extraction activities and land-grabbing. Are there any real limits
to mining? These are questions and concerns not for government alone, but also for the industry.
The economics of mining has to change, and change globally. It will hurt. Neither oil nor coal extraction pays for environmental costs, though
speculation and processing increases are hurting; we do not expect mining to do so soon. Global economic and political powers are only now
struggling with China’s cornering of the rare minerals’ market and production, including the contaminative processing. It is going to be an even
greater struggle to get the wealth of mineral magnates to manage their footprints as they take more than photos.
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