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Tips on Ball Mill Operation

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Tips on Ball Mill Operation
In ore processing plant, ball mills work together with other ore beneficiation equipments rather than work singly. Usually, ball mill working
group consists of classifier, lubrication system, and feeder and so on. Equipments within the group are closely connected with one another. They
complement each other to finish the mineral separation process. Then, how do we make them more coordinate to complete the whole process.
The following tips should be earnestly put into practice to keep the ore separation plant in order.
1.You should start the machine one by one according to the materials flow (usually from up to down). Generally, you start oil pump first, and then
classifier, ball mill, belt conveyor and feeder. You are forbidden to start all machines at once. When you plant to stop the equipments, the order
is just the opposite. Moreover, you should leave intervals when you start those machines.
2.Materials can be fed after the machines operate steadily. About 20 minutes later, mineral particles can be fed to ball mill.
3.You should turn the machine 23 rounds before starting. Meanwhile, the ball mill should at least keep still four hours in order loosing bonding
of the slime and media. Try every possible means to clean up all materials inside the machine to create favorable condition for next start. For
instance, ball mill should stop about 15 hours after feeding stops.
4.Avoid long time operation of ball mill without feeding so that the balls will not be worn.
During the whole working process, you should insist in a detailed and comprehensive inspection to clear up all obstacles of ore beneficiation.
Remember, every detail can become accomplices to hinder your success, and must not be taken lightly.    

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