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Impact that Mineral Particles Have on Ore Beneficiation

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Crushing is a vital part before ore dressing. During the process of crushing, large mineral stones are turned into small ones while various useful
mineral particles are separated. The crushing degree of mineral stones will promote the ore beneficiation productivity. Among the crushed mineral
stones, different minerals that are originally connected with each other will crack on the surface and turn into particles called monomer solution
containing a single mineral. Still, there are also particles named combined particles containing several minerals. The degree of dissociation of a
certain mineral refers to the percentage between the total number of monomer solution from minerals and the combined particles.
If the crushed particles are too coarse and the dissociation is not enough, the quality and recovery rate of ore beneficiation will be influenced.
However, if minerals stones are over crushed, more tiny particles that are difficult to separate will turn up, which leads to the mineral loss
called “Over Crushing” despite it may enhance the dissociation. “Over Crushing” is not conducive to the separation process. On the other hand,
because over crushing does unnecessary work which increases other energy consumption including crushing process, separation equipment, and human
resource and so on, it indirectly increases ore beneficiation costs. As a result, to keep a moderate degree of mineral particles is an important
prerequisite to realize perfect separation of useful minerals from mineral stones during the process of ore dressing. Ore separating plant should
attach great importance to crushing process and equipment selection and skillfully handle the operation rules of crushing and separating mineral
stones so as to keep the degree of dissociation within a most favorable scope.
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