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Ore Beneficiation with High Productivity

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About Ore Beneficiation
The iron ore produced from Iron Ore Mine is rich in iron content with low impurities. The iron ore is recovered in the form. of lumps (40%) and
fines (60%). The iron ore produced from the mine is transported to the crushing and dry screening at the crusher plant located for the final
product recovery.
Iron ore processing plant works the initial physical treating part. Usually, iron ore processing plants include iron ore crusher, grinding mill,
beneficiation plants along with other assistant equipments. High productivity and low maintenance are the traits that all of ore separating line.
Since the bulk of iron ore is used to produce steel and iron, and so the iron ore processing flow is usually of the same and fixed. Hongxing
produces a complete distinct iron ore separating line.
Stages of Ore Processing Plant
Iron ore beneficiation process usually consists of three stages: they are crushing raw iron ore to small particles, grinding iron ore particles to
small powders and concentrating the available iron ore. Consequently of new technologies fine sieve after which ground in current years a number
of concentrator by two to three paragraphs grinding. Grinding equipment utilized in general is relatively little.
Iron ore concentrator is utilized to beneficiate a multitude of industrial iron ores. In this application the relatively large volumes of
nonmagnetic are usually the commercial products. The amount of magnetic material removed is very small, and dry separation will be the general
Breakthrough of Magnetic Separation
Magnetic separation of iron ores is probably the fastest-growing segments from the minerals beneficiation industry. The tonnage of taconite ores
processed annually by magnetic separation skill, in n couple of years, reaches 100 million.
Magnetic separation occupies an attractive position in ore beneficiation. This is a simple effective method, used for some 150 many steadily
growing more valuable. This kind of beneficiation originated from 1792, when William Fullerton was issued a British patent since the separation of
iron ore by magnetic attraction.             

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