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A Commonly Applied Machine

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Common Sense of Sand Maker
The sand making machine produced by our company can provide you with all-around technical supports.  According to specific requirements, we can combine
different models together to meet various needs. HX series crusher is a high-efficiency rock crushing equipment at international leading
level; the machine introduces the crushing theory and technology from Barmag Company of America and combines the actual situation of sand making.
It is widely used for crushing of hard and brittle materials, such as rock, grinding material, refractory material, cement clinker, quartzite,
iron ore and concrete aggregate; and it is especially suitable for the sand and sandstone making for construction and road paving.
Working Principle 
Stone less than 50mm enters sand making machine through conveyor belt. Stone is crushed by hitting other stones. Material falls down to impellor
cavity. Under great centrifugal force, it hits material that coming downwards. After hitting each other, they force a vortex between impellor and
shell, and hit each other several times. Finally, smaller stone comes out and goes to vibrating screen. Satisfactory material is transported to
sand washing machine. Overlarge material will go back to sand maker to be crushed again. Output sizes can be made according to customers’
requirement. If input size is larger than the designed size, other crushing equipment will be necessary.
1. VSI crushing machine is a new type rock crushing equipment developed in the 1990s and is used for substituting roller and ball mill.
2. The structure is simple and the operation is stable;
3. Low energy consumption, high output and big reduction ratio;
4. Small bulk, convenient operation, installation and maintenance;
5. The product is in the cubic shape with small iron pollution;
6. During the process, the stone rock can form. a protective bottom layer which makes the equipment more durable;
7. Some easy wear parts adopt hard and wear-resistant materials and have small bulk and light weight, so that it can be changed easily.    

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