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Magnetizing Ore Separator

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General Introduction
Magnetic Separators are devices that are primarily used to eliminate tramp iron from ores and for removing contaminating materials that can damage
equipment. There are mainly two kinds of magnetic separators produced by our factory. They are wet magnetic separator and magnetic drum separator.
In concentration processes, the Magnetic Separator is commonly used to sort various types of metals. Similarly, in case of weak magnetic minerals
such as hematite, limonite and garnet, they can be separated from the non- magnetic substances by the use of high-intensity separators.
Key Characteristics
1.China Magnetic Separator was designed through magnetic field simulation by computer, having enough magnetic field and big magnetic attraction
area to attract Ferro scraps from the materials.
2.Compact structure, low noise, easy maintenance, stable magnetic field from the ferrite or rare earth magnets, energy saving without excitation
3.Workable in the harsh working environment for long time based on the specially sealed bearing seat and the belt with automatic corrective
function. For very sharp ferromagnetic tramps, the unique belt armored by stainless steel plate is available to protect the belt from destroying.
4.There is common and explosion-proof drive motor for customer choice.5.
5.Because of using high power rare earth magnets, HX serial separators have high magnetic field gradient, stable magnetic field, super attraction
that can remove big Ferro blocks and small Ferro scraps from the materials, even remove the ferromagnetic scraps buried in the thick material
layers continuously.
Major Advantages of Permanent Magnetic Separators
Short magnetic circuit; Little magnetic flux leakage; High magnetic intensity; Low energy consumption; Fine beneficiating results; Simple
structure and easy to maintain.     

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