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Primary Crushers Are of Utmost Importance

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 When it comes to the primary crusher, it mainly refers to the jaw crusher and impact crusher. Jaw crushers are widely used in stone mining,
metallurgy industry, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. Various material with compression resistance
less than 320MPa can be crushed. Impact crusher are optimized after adopting advanced techiniques. Impact crusher can crush granite, basalt,
bluestone, the diameters of which are from 100mm to 500mm, and the compression strength of which is not more than 350Mp. The final product is the
desirable device for aggregation used in water and electricity, expressway, manual work sand material, crushing, etc.
During the process of designing a crushing plant of any nature and size, to select the right type and size of primary crusher is of great
significance. Generally speaking, this machine is the largest and most expensive single item in the plant; a mistake in the choice may lead to a
full replacement. Therefore, you have to pay close attention when choosing primary crushers. The following tips may be helpful for the selection.
1. The name, hardness, humidity of material
2. Pay attention to the hourly, daily or yearly capacity
3. The discharging granularity or the final particle size of the finished products
4. Crushing machine type and size
5. Feeding method
Among the five factors, the first three will almost always be ascertainable at least to a close approximation before selecting the proper crushing
equipment. Sometimes, as when a new crushing plant, 01′ a new primary crusher set-up, is to be installed at an existing operation, the last three
factors will be pre-established. Otherwise, it is sound practice to consider them as a part of the problem of crusher selection. The primary
crushing setup has something to do with the quarrying or mining operation, and optimal operating results may finally be realized only by careful
adjustment of all equipment selections to the general plan of operation.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that the influence of these several factors is more or less closely linked. Therefore, you should not discuss
them separately, as a change in one of them may result in a complete replacement of others.    

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