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General Idea of Some Mining Machines

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It is well-known that  the jaw crusher and impact crusher are used as primary crusher more. The term 'primary crusher', by definition, might

including any type and size of crushing machine. The term implies that at least two stages of crushing are involved, but in many cases the

machine which performs the function of initial crusher is the only crusher in the plant. The factors influencing the selection of a crusher for

this service are much the same, regardless of how many crushing stages there are in the flowsheet; therefore, the term 'primary crusher', by

common usage, is applied to the crusher which takes up the job of reduction where the blasting operations leave off. Selecting the right

type and size of primary crusher is a problem of prime importance in the designing of a crushing plant of any nature and size. Usually this

machine is the largest and most expensive single item of equipment in the plant; a mistake in the choice can only be remedied fully by

replacement; and, because the entire primary crusher house arrangement is generally 'tailored' to fit the crusher, such replacement is almost

always a costly procedure. While personal favoritism toward some particular type of crusher may safely be allowed to swing a close decision, it

should never blind the engineer or operator to the merits of other types, nor to the limitations of his favorite.With its high quality products

such as Iron ore concentratorVibrating feederDrum dryer、Henan Hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in

the exporting of mining equipments.

Mobile cone crusher is mainly composed of high efficient cone crusher, vibrating screen with perfect performance, belt conveyor, motor,

controlling case and so on. The whole machine group is installed integratedly and works by coordination, which can fully represent it’s advantage

of convenience and flexibility. Mobile cone crusher plant can be made according to customers’ requirements, suited cone crusher, vibrating

screen, moter and other equipments can be ordered strictly according to the realistic needs of the working site, which has the features of large

capacity, high effeciency, medium sized powerful crushing, and high adaptibility.

This crusher is famous for its professional screening equipment both at home and abroad. This machine's material throughput is big, high

productive capacity, and the machine's unique design makes the maintenance cost greatly reduce, which makes the machine production efficiency

greatly enhanced, and production costs also have significantly reduced. With the development of the series of mobile cone crusher, its structure

is more perfect than before and the technology parameter is more advanced, so these crushers have excellent performance in the aspects of

manufacture, installation, use and maintenance etc.

Now whether international or domestic are advocating low carbon life. Along with the request of energy saving and emission reduction from the

country getting higher and higher, consumer's voice for demanding effective and environmental protection product is becoming more and more strong.

The construction of green economical society is undoubtedly the future trend of development. As far as the mining equipment manufacturing

enterprise, energy saving,environmental protection and efficient crusher, impact crusher products is undoubtedly the guiding direction for future

crusher, impact crusher research and development production.The crusher, impact crusher produced by Zhengzhou hongxing Machinery that is

optimizing the product and accessories structure, universally carrys out the low energy consumption, long life and convenient operation design

principle, realize the largest work efficiency of crusher, impact crusher in the most economic form.The crusher, impact crusher in the original

design phase has considered the depreciation of wear resisting parts, equipment maintenance treatment and noise of environment protection

problems.Based on energy saving and emission reduction request, China has strengthened the force of reorganizing mining market.

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