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Without the Moon, the Star Shines Brighter

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Illustration of Hongxing's Logo

1. A shining star in China mining machinery.

2. The big star is followed by two small ones, which forms a triangle structure, means the salidarity, people oriented, goal clarity and stable


3. There are two ellipses outside the three stars, one of which refers to the complete cosmos and the other means the Earth we live . We,

Hongxing, adopt the strategies of eatablishing our brand on the basis of reality and globalization. We are part of the universe and our

development bears the responsibility of reciprocating the society. Our innovation follows the natural law and our management conforms to the

economic theories.

4. The third figure has special meaning in Chinese traditional culture: two comes out of one, three comes out of two and everything comes out of

three, which means the strong life force and striving power.

Hongxing Brand is the Chinese Famous Brand. Reliable and stable quality is the key to success; our products are well known at home and abroad. Now

we have tens of thousands of users throughout China and more than 30 world markets, such as: South Africa, Middle East, India, Philippine, Western

Europe, Southeastern Asia.The persistent operating theory of Hongxing is: the development way depends on the concept and the good product comes

out of the good faith. We have been awarded the 'Civilized Enterprise' 'Key Enterprise' 'Enterprise with Standard Quality' and 'Enterprise with

Honesty and Credit Standing'. And Hongxing Brand is a 'China Famous Brand' for reliable and stable quality. We firmly believe that we can get

sincere repayment with our sincere dedication.

Recently, China mining machinery manufacturing industry develops greatly, and it gets benefits from adveanced technology and innovative

strategies. Mining machinery enterprises can supply whole set and line service to customers. Henan Hongxing Machinery is the professional

manufacturer with strong power in China, and it leads the development in powder making production, stone crushing line and construction sand

industry. Our business and services are popular all over the world. Hongxing crushers have such characteristics as high science content, reliable

production equipment quality, powerful technological strength and perfect service facilities. Unlike the crushers manufactured by other companies,

Hongxing crushers are competitive in price so that they are widely used in huge coal, mining and mineral processing, railway construction and

building material industries and well received by customers. Our crushers such as Jaw crusher, sand making machines such as VSI sand maker,

washing machine, mobile crushing station are all in good appearance, high quality and first-class service. With those advantages, I believe the

stars on out company flag will shine brighter!

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