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Mining Industry Will Continue to Fuel the Economic Growth

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As a pillar industry in China, Mining makes great contribution to China's economic growth. In response, Chinese mining machinery also plays a very

important role in economic construction, advance of science and technology, and social development. The development of mining machinery is closely

related with the technological advance of human, the modern science and technology, and the whole industry level,especially with the development

of mechanical engineering and mining engineering. The mining machinery manufacturing industry,especially crusher,is not only the foundation for

the state to establish an independent industrial system, but also an important mark to measure the industrial strength of a country.

Mining equipment manufacturing sector should accelerate the technology reform. pace of mechanical equipment under the guidance of national policy,

optimize product structure according to market demand, and increase savings in order to have a more long-term development. Forming a manufacturing

and development capabilities, ability to project into, and innovative capacity of business entities, the machinery and equipment business into a

market competitiveness and risk-resisting ability of modern mining equipment business groups, efforts to provide energy saving mining equipment,

to reduce mining the user's risk and investment as a starting point, and make positive contribution to the development of China's mining equipment


In recent years Chinese mining machinery manufacturing industry development momentum is very powerful, but the outstanding issue is in the

technology, strategy along the old path, not fundamentally to change development train of thought, but also the current mining machinery

manufacturing industry especially in mining mineral crushing sieving industry, mining machinery enterprises to provide users with a complete, into

a line service companies are few, lack of a full set of solutions or take more complex engineering project contracting ability.In the face of

international competition in the market is more pressing, so in the international market, the internationalization of technology, investment the

respect such as internationalization should greatly strengthen, to a broader international perspective, flexible and diverse forms of operation,

the use of all available domestic and industrial resources, seek cooperation and win-win situation, in order to realize mining machinery

manufacturing industry innovation technology upgrade target mode should actively promote and implement.

Current domestic large-scale mining machinery manufacturers - Hongxing machine specializing in the production and sale of mineral processing

equipment, machine tool castings, high pressure grinding machine, hydraulic crusher, ball mill, compound crusher, mobile crusher, sand making

machine, vibrating screen, magnetic separation machine,drying machine, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, sand making production line, stone production

line and so on, in the domestic each big mining quarry, construction waste disposal, municipal construction, water conservancy construction,

Luqiao construction, construction sand and gravel material is widely used.

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