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Choose Your Own Hammer Crusher

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Box crusher(hammer crusher heavy) is the company to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, integrated jaw crusher, hammer crusher, back

-breaking, snails Break, such as one focused on the merits of the broken stone machine, stone-breaking direct injection, automatic feed, directly

to the edge of materials 4,501,200 millimeters long, broken into a powder to 80 mm particle size of the ore, and no not block non-card can also be

used as a secondary crusher, the products are mainly used in mining, cement, building materials, chemical and other industries.

Features of Hammer Crusher:

Hammer crusher has compact structure and reasonable layout.

It is convenient to install, and easy to operate and maintain.

It can crush large, medium and small sized stones, and has high reduction ratio.

The crushing machine is quite suitable for use in cement plants.


Hammer crushers can be divided into common hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher. Ring hammer crusher is widely used to crush coal and coke.

Common hammer crusher always uses prefix PC, while ring hammer crusher uses prefix PCH.

Tips for Hammer Crusher Operation:

(1) pay attention to all parts, such as the discovery of bolts shall be immediately screw loose;

(2) before work must first start roll crusher, wait for after normal speed, again to machines feeding, when parking program instead;

(3) check the material regularly, such as the discovery of a mouth clogged, should be cleared;

(4) check the vulnerable parts wear degree, always be worn parts; replace

(5) not make machines produced load, should always be electric instrument;

(6) bear oiling in time, do not make in the place of oil bearing;

(7) be controlled bearing temperature, may not be higher than the air temperature around 25 to 30 ℃;

(8) put the plane, chassis activities device should remove dust and material, so as not to roll crusher met and can't broken material, activity in

the chassis not bearing mobile, down to produces serious accidents.

As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Classifier,Stone crushing plant,Classifier, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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