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the true church attempted

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the true church attempted

This some interpret to be the Christian Louboutin Sale fulfilling of the number expressed, by the time, times, aad half a time; which have been Louboutin Outlet exactly fulfilled. Bu the true meaning is, the time given to antichristian authority to prevail and prosper, as is expressed also by the prophet Danielthat is, the time of the government of human wisdom and authority, by the determinations of 'councils, enforced by civil power, until the pope became supremethe times of the papal beast; first, the time of darkness, in which the pope arrived to the . height of priestcraft, and absolute dominion; and then the time of his passing the zenith of his power, in which to discover herself, under the severe persecutions carried on against her innocent children, the Waldenses, &c.and half the time of the tyranny of established protestantism: " from the face" "the visible appearance, " of the serpent"the spirit of selfsufficiency, manifest in the outward profession and face of Christianity."And the serpent"that spirit of selfsufficiency, "cast out of his mouth"his emissaries $nd speakers, " waters," that is, opinions, " as.a flood," that spread far and wide, " after the woman"the Christian Louboutin Outlet Online true church ; that she might bear all the reproaches arising therefrom ; and that all the abominations which superstition had introduced, might be laid at her door, to swallow up her good name."And the earth helped the woman." Different governments, at sundry times, opposing priestly innovations, " opened their mouth," and Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes cleared the primitive church of having any share in commanding, or instituting them; and thus " swallowed up the flood," which infidelity "cast out of Christian Louboutin Discount his mouth."" And the dragon"this spirit of infidelity, " was wroth with the woman,"the true spiritual church of Christ" and went to make war witji the remnant of her seed"with every endfcavoHr for a reformation which was attempted by pious, religious persons, that lived in the fear of God, and Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers had the testimony of Jesus; his living witness in their consciences, which is the spirit of prophecy: whilst the dragon, the spirit of infi delity, concluded it had either ceased, or was connected with his authority and superstitious performances.iFrom the time human wisdom and human Christian Louboutin Outlet authority were absolutely put in force in the church, in the year , there were just years to the time of slaying the witnesses, and confirming human power to impose, and human authority to enforce all matters appertaining to the church; which was in , in England, as has been already related, and by the Protestants of Germany, near the same time.



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