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the church which were remnants

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the church which were remnants

What in the mean time was seen to fall out against the presidents and pastors of churches, and after what sort the just judgment pf God, revenger of sin, 'made them keepers of camels, and of the emperor's horses, and this he did for a punishment due Christian Louboutin Outlet Online to their deserts, moreover what contumelies, what Louboutin Outlet reproaches, what diversity of torments they suffered Christian Louboutin Sale for the ornaments and treasures the church, what pride and ambition reigned in many of them, how rashly and unlawfully they handled divers of the Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers brethren, what schisms .were raised among the confessors themselves, what mischiefs certain seditious persons of late stirred up against the members of, whilst that daily with might and. main they endeavoured to excogitate new devices, one after another, how that unmercifully they destroyed, and brought all to nought, witjh the lamentable estate of bitter persecution, and, to be short, heaped mischief upon mischief; all these aforesaid Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes I mind to pass over with silence, supposing it not to be our part> either to rehearse or record them; inasmuch as I am wholly bent, and carefully minded, to overslip and conceal the memory of them."From the year , Constantine, the emperor, appears to have been considered as head, of the church. Be called divers councils in order to settle the controversies among the bishops. And, when he had conquered Maxentius at Rome, and Licinius had overcomeMaximinus in the east, aad destroyed his principal officers, children and relations, together with the enchanters, priests and augurs at Antioch, the whole empire in the year ,.in & manner, submitted to the religion of the conquerors, as has been already related. Insomuch, that the dragon, that spirit of infidelity and tyranny, could no longer reign in paganism, but was transferred to the governors of the, professed Christian churches, who now ruled with earthly power and policy. Numerous rituals had for a Jong time been gradually creeping into the church; and, from the year , had flowed in like a deluge, through the policy and craft of Sylvester, bishop of Rome, in order that Christianity might not appear Christian Louboutin Discount inferior in pomp and splendour, to the worship of the Gentiles; thereby the more readily to gain them over. Many pf these were imposed now. by authority; and those that did not conform. were persecuted."And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle." Christian Louboutin Outlet That is, tjie determinations of two councils; the one held at Rome, the other at Milan; two provinces of the great Roman empire, the ensign of which was an eagle; the decrees of which were rigorously enforced, as has been already related; so that every remaining appearance of the true church, "flew into the wilderness"was banished from the visible profesr «on of it, that it wail never recovered for the space of years.



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