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RAC Connection Redirected To Wrong Host/IP ORA-12545

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Subject: RAC Connection Redirected To Wrong Host/IP ORA-12545
Doc ID: Note:364855.1 Type: PROBLEM
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Applies to: Oracle Net Services - Version: to
This problem can occur on any platform.

When we try to connect to a RAC service name we sometimes get redirected by the first node's listener to the public address/hostname of the second node instead of its VIP address. An ORA-12545 error may be generated if that public hostname is not configured in DNS.

We were expecting the connection to eventually be redirected to the VIP of the other node.

The Database on one RAC node remote registers with the wrong local IP address to the listener on the other RAC node (e.g. the public IP address instead of the wanted VIP address).

The PMON process handles database registration to the local and remote listeners. For remote listeners registration PMON will have to find out what is the IP address of the local system in order to present it to the remote listener as database contact address.

In the default Oracle configuration, for hosts which have more than one IP address configured on the network interfaces, it is undefined which IP address will be selected for remote registration.

Modify the local_listener database parameter to point to the local VIP address. For the parameter value use either an alias name which contains in the DESCRIPTION field only the VIP address or use an explicit name like the following:

local_listener='(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ) (PORT = 1521))'
The local_listener database parameter will give PMON a hint in respect of which IP address it should use for remote registration with other nodes' listener(s).

Note 235562.1 - Issues affecting Automatic Service Registration
Note 256275.1 - Dynamic Registration Fails On Multiple Network Interface Server

ORA-12541 TNS:no listener
ORA-12545 Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

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