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LodeRunner2的Wacky Wall 11关

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LodeRunner2的Wacky Wall 11关

昨天终于过了Wacky Wall 11,实际上这一关很好过,自己一直没有找到诀窍。

Level 11 has an annoying obstacle which requires a bit of timing to overcome. The first part is easy. Blast a hole at 1 and drop a bomb in it to get to the ladder, then do the same at 2. Pick up the Gold as you go and head over to beside 3. While standing beside and facing 3, activate a bomb. Wait a second, then blast the brick away. the bomb will drop, and if you time it right, will blow away the column piece at 4 (See the picture below) You may now go down the ladder and through the hole at 4 and get the rest of the gold. Use a bomb to get back out and you can finish the rest of the level quite easily.


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