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When spiritual blessings

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When spiritual blessings

It is very obvious that there is a baptism by the Spirit spoken of in the New Testament. John predicted of Louboutin Outlet our Lord that He should baptize with the Holy Ghost; and the Apostle, in writing to the Corinthians, reminds them, "by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body." 1st Cor. xii, 13.Second. are represented as the result of baptism, it is more in accordance with the genius of the dispensation under which we live to regard that baptism as applied to the mind, rather than as applied to the body.Third. When violence is done to the context by referring baptism to the body, instead of to the mind, we are justified in departing from the ordinary acceptation of the word.Let us examine the passage before Christian Louboutin Outlet us in its connexion.The Apostle represents a Jew as objecting to the doctrines of grace that they would lead to indulgence in sin. The passage before us is a part of an extended Christian Louboutin Sale reply Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes to that objection. He appeals to believers, and reminds them that by baptism they had been buried with Christ into a resemblance to his death; and that, as they had been associated with Christ by a resemblance to his death, so they are associated with him in the likeness of his resurrection. For as Christ was raised from the dead, so they also are raised to newness of life. This is as plain and positive a statement as any that is to be found in the Word of God. Here is crucifixion to sin—the burial of the old man—and resurrection to newness of life,— great realities experienced by every believer. If you interpret any one of Christian Louboutin Discount these expressions, as denoting a spiritual act of the mind, to preserve consistency in the Apostle's statement, you must so interpret all. Does it not appear to you very unlikely, that the Apostl'e should speak of a spiritual crucifixion, and a spiritual resurrection, and then speak of a figurative burial performed by an external rite ?" In order to make out a sound logical argument, it is necessary that Paul should exhibit the internal operation on the mind of the doctrine of the forgiveness of sins Christian Louboutin Outlet Online by faith, and prove that it does, in fact, cause all Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers who come under its influence to be dead to sin. This, according to the internal mode of interpretation, he does; but according to the external mode he does not.

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