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in a very summary

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in a very summary

We thus conclude our notice of the Apostolic baptisms; and the conclusion at which I arrive is very different to that of Mr. Noel. Indeed, it was not the perusal of any works in favour of Psedo-baptism, which first awakened in my mind suspicion as to the scriptural character of the baptisms of that denomination to which Mr. Noel now belongs, but an investigation of those passages which have passed under our review.Mr. Noel attempts to dispose, way of the objections and "imaginations!" urged against his view of their meaning. First. These persons were generally baptized at once. He tells us that " in the circumstances Christian Louboutin Outlet Online in which these converts were placed, sudden conversions were to be expected,"—p. 87. Undoubtedly, instances of sudden conversion have occurred, but these have been Louboutin Outlet so rare, that we are accustomed to speak of them as miraculous. Still, this is not the ordinary method of the Divine procedure. We have amongst the heathen fervent and devoted missionaries; but what time is requisite for their instruction in the great Christian Louboutin Sale doctrines of the Christian Faith? But even had these conversions been as sudden as Mr. Noel supposes, this does not obviate—it does not touch our Christian Louboutin Outlet objection—that the Apostles, in no instances, examined the spiritual character of the candidates for baptism. Here were men and women filled with Jewish prejudice Christian Louboutin Men Sneakers or Gentile pride; multitudes who had been worshippers of false gods, and knew nothing of Christianity, until they heard the Apostles preach. What could they know of the detail of its doctrines or of its duties? Surely, if baptism is only to be administered to approved penitent believers, there would have been some previous examination or instruction!* "Since God, who knoweth the hearts, bear them Christian Louboutin Discount witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes we may infer that they were believers before they were thus sealed with the Spirit,"—p. 86.There was none.

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