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Mapping of GV$BH Columns to X$BH:
X$BH Column Name     GV$BH Column                     Name Meaning
ADDR                                 n/a                                     Buffer header address
INDX                                   n/a                                     Buffer header index (0-n)
INST_ID                              INST_ID                            Instance number, corresponds to GV$INSTANCE.INSTANCE_NUMBER
HLADDR                             n/a                                      Child latch address
BLSIZ                                  n/a                                      Block size
FLAG          DIRTY, TEMP, PING, STALE, DIRECT     Flag for the type and status of the block
TS#                                     TS#                                     Tablespace number; corresponds to V$TABLESPACE.TS#
FILE#                                  FILE#                                  File number; corresponds to V$DATAFILE.FILE#
DBARFIL                             n/a                                      Relative file number
DBABLK                             BLOCK#                              Block number from data block address                             
CLASS                                CLASS#                              Class number
STATE                                STATUS                              Block status (free, xcur, cr, etc.)
LE_ADDR              LOCK_ELEMENT_ADDR                Lock element address
OBJ                                    OBJD                                   Dictionary object number of the segment that contains the object
CR_SCN_BAS                    n/a                                       Consistent read SCN base
CR_SCN_WRP                   n/a                                       Consistent read SCN wrap
TCH                                     n/a                                       touch count
TIM                                      n/a                                        touch time

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