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Oracle Block Error

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If you find block Error in alert or when you run sql Statement......

If we run Oracle in Archive log mode. And the Error was not in system/Redo and Rollback segment.
A. Recovery with Backup files.
1.cp the backuped datafiles back to the original dir.
2.Startup mount;
3.Recover database using backup controlfile;
1.alter database datafile "full_file_name/file_id" offline;
2.recover datafile file_id/"full_file_name"
3.alter database datafile file_id/"full_file_name" online;

B、 使用诊断事件 10231

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET EVENTS '10231 trace name context forever,level 10';

C 、创建一个临时表 tg_bill_tmp 的表中除坏块的数据都检索出来

SQL>CREATE TABLE tg_bill03_tmp as select * from tg_bill03;

C、 更名原表,并把 tg_bill03_tmp 为 tg_bill03

SQL>alter table tg_bill03 rename to tg_bill03_bak;

SQL>alter table tg_bill03_tmp to tg_bill03;

1、 在为提高性能为操作系统打开异步 I/O 时,一定要与 oracle 及操作系统技术支持联系把操作系统与异步 I/O 相关的补丁要打全。
2、 制定一个良好的备份恢复策略,最好有表的 exp 备份
3、 要及时的检查硬件的状态,及时更换驱动器部件。

For Rollback segment, pls contact oracle support.

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