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Bug of Prod of Oracle

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A bug of Oracle

When I query GL_JE_LINES, it prompt like following:

20:42:55 ORA-01115: 从文件8读取块时出现 IO 错误(块#1048578

20:42:55 ORA-01110: 数据文件8'/u02/appldata/PROD/find01.dbf'

20:42:55 ORA-27072: skgfdispI/O 错误

20:42:55 SVR4 Error: 25: Inappropriate ioctl for device

20:42:55 Additional information: 1048546

20:42:55 ORA-02063: 紧接着5 lines(源于PROD.WORLD.APPS

Database in archive log mode, Oracle, Solaris 5.6

Maybe there are some corruption of Datafile, Then I do following:

Alter database datafile '/u02/appldata/PROD/find01.dbf' offline;

Recover datafile '/u02/appldata/PROD/find01.dbf';

Alter database datafile '/u02/appldata/PROD/find01.dbf' online;

But it still prompt the same error , then I checked in metalink found that it is a bug 774252 of Oracle.

Contact with Oracle Support, got a patch for the bug fix

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