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Trigger Toutorial


1.1 About Triggers and Processes

Triggers are blocks of PL/SQL code that you write to perform. specific tasks. There are pre-defined runtime events for which you can create triggers. Trigger names correspond to these events. For ease of description, the terms events and triggers are synonymous in this chapter. In effect, an Oracle Forms trigger is an event-handler written in PL/SQL to augment (or occasionally replace) the default processing behavior.

A process is a series of individual, related events that occurs during a specific Oracle Forms Runform. operation. Oracle Forms includes navigational, validation, and database transaction processes. To see a visual representation of Oracle Forms processes showing where each trigger fires, refer to the flowchart for the process named in the "Fires In" section for each trigger. All the flowcharts are in the Oracle Forms Reference Manual, Vol. 2, Chapter 8, "Processing Flow Charts".

1.2 SQL Statements in Trigger Text

The trigger descriptions in this chapter include a section called "Legal Commands." This section lists the types of statements that are valid in the indicated trigger type, including:

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