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hadoop权威指南中的ncdc数据下载地址及命令 .

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The data are available via:
1) WWW --
2) FTP -- via browser
3) Command line ftp:

a) Enter: open 

b) Login is: ftp

c) Password is: your email address

d) To move to the correct subdirectory, enter: 
cd /pub/data/gsod 

The files included in this subdirectory are:

Data Files--

Annual files:
eg, gsod_2006.tar - All 2006 files (compressed) by station, in one tar file.
etc, etc - For each annual volume.
Note: Each year's data are contained in subdirectories/folders by year. 

Station files:
eg, 010010-99999-2006.op.gz - Files by station year, identified by WMO number, 
WBAN number (if appropriate), and year. For a cross reference of the 
filenames with location, see:

Informational/Utility Files--

country-list.txt - A list showing the station number range for
each country.

ish-history.txt -- A station list to be used with the data files,
showing the names and locations for each station.
Note: Global summary of day contains a subset of the 
stations listed in this station history.

readme.txt - A description of the data and its format.

e) To get a copy of the data description, enter: 
get readme.txt destination (destination is your 
output location and name)...e.g.--
get readme.txt c:readme.txt - copies to hard drive c:

f) Then, to get a copy of any of the other files, use
the same procedure, such as--
get gsod_2006.tar c:data.txt

g) To logoff the system when finished, enter:

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