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Hi All,


SAP have a new team set up in China and there are 6 key positions to be hired urgently as below. The team are not doing traditional ERP (R/3), but mainly focusing on the mobile and cloud-based consumer applications that will have B2C connection. For example, the user could find the fashion info. via Ipad/Iphone thru the application and s/he also could find/follow others’ favorite products thru this social medical-very similar like Taobao. Another key function is that SAP could help our clients LV, Burberry, Zara to publish the brand info. ….

For above positions, target companies would be 

Tier 1: Alibaba/Taobao, Sina, Baidu, 

Tier 2: Other big social or e-commerce companies such as 360, Tencent.

Tier 3: big game companies

Tier 4: technical leads or architects even in big banks or investment firms for supporting real-time large-volumn transactions, e.g., buying stocks.




Please feel free to contact Headhunter Mia, if you are interested, send your update English resume to   or contact me via qq 2679773299I will give you the feedback ASAP.

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