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Table 7–1 Meaning of PROCESS_FLAG Values

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1 Pending

2 Assign complete

3 Assign/validation failed

4 Validation succeeded; import failed

5 Import in process

7 Import succeeded

A full list of values for the PROCESS_FLAG is in Table 1–14, but you are unlikely to

see all of these.

Other columns, although required in the production tables, are not required in the

item interface table, because they have default values or their values can be derived

from other sources. Check the defaults and derived values carefully, as they may

not be the values you desire.

If the Item Interface successfully processes a row in the item interface table or the

revision interface table, the program sets the PROCESS_FLAG to 7 (Import

succeeded) for the row. If the Item Interface cannot insert a row into the production

table, the PROCESS_FLAG column for the failed row is set to 4 (Import failed). If a

row in the interface table fails validation, the PROCESS_FLAG column is set to 3

(validation failed). A row is inserted into the MTL_INTERFACE_ERRORS table for

all failed rows. You can review and update any failed rows in each interface table

using custom reports and programs.

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