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note of Beginning Oracle SQL-Oracle Data Dictionary Views

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Table 3-5. Some Useful Oracle Data Dictionary Views
View Description                                     
DICTIONARY Description of the data dictionary itself       
DICT_COLUMNS Data dictionary column descriptions             
ALL_USERS Information about all database users            
ALL_INDEXES All indexes                                     
ALL_SEQUENCES All sequences                                   
ALL_OBJECTS All objects                                     
ALL_SYNONYMS All synonyms                                    
ALL_TABLES All tables                                      
ALL_VIEWS All views                                       
USER_INDEXES Indexes                                         
USER_SEQUENCES Sequences                                       
USER_OBJECTS Objects                                         
USER_SYNONYMS Synonyms                                        
USER_TABLES Tables                                          
USER_TAB_COLUMNS Columns                                         
USER_VIEWS Views                                           
USER_RECYCLEBIN  Dropped objects                                 
CAT Synonym for USER_CATALOG                        
COLS Synonym for USER_TAB_COLUMNS                    
DICT Synonym for DICTIONARY                          
DUAL Dummy table, with one row and one column        
IND Synonym for USER_INDEXES                        
OBJ Synonym for USER_OBJECTS                        
SYN Synonym for USER_SYNONYMS                       
TABS Synonym for USER_TABLES                         

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