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RMAN 全库备份和 0级备份的区别

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1、0级备份才是增量备份的基础,全库备份之后不可以 1到5级的备份。
2、block recover 只能用RMAN 的全库备份。0级备份不具备block recover的功能。(来源10g官档

Restrictions and Usage Notes

  • The target database must be mounted or open. You do not have to take a datafile offline if you are performing block media recovery on it.

  • You can only perform. complete media recovery of individual blocks. Point-in-time recovery of individual data blocks is not supported.

  • You can only perform. block media recovery on corrupt blocks.

  • Blocks marked media corrupt are not accessible until recovery completes.

  • You cannot perform. block media recovery when using a backup control file.

  • You cannot use proxy backups to perform. block media recovery. If the only backups that you have are proxy backups, then you can restore them to a nondefault location on disk, which causes RMAN to view the restored files as datafile copies. You can then use the datafile copies for block media recovery.

  • You must have a full backup of the file containing the corrupt blocks: block media recovery cannot use incremental backups.

  • If RMAN fails to access a specific archived redo log file needed for block media recovery, it performs restore failover, trying all other backups listed in the RMAN repository that are suitable for use in this operation, and only fails if no suitable backup is available. See Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Advanced User's Guide for details on restore failover.

  • Block media recovery cannot survive a missing or inaccessible archived log, although it can sometimes survive missing or inaccessible records (Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Advanced User's Guide).

  • The datafile header block (block 1) cannot be recovered.

  • You cannot perform. block media recovery in NOARCHIVELOG mode.


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