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Anonymous touts its own social network

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With the Defcon 19 hacking conference set to begin in Las Vegas next week, hacking group/movement/"idea"

Anonymous is touting its own "social network," a site with the Googly moniker Anon+.

@YourAnonNews recently sent out a ugg boots sale tweet advertising the effort, which seems to be an attempt to create an

anonymous, open-source communications platform. that will allow for an Internet space somehow immune to

government shutdown and corporate censorship. Here's the tweet:

As you no doubt noticed, the tweet includes a rather interesting typo, and this is true of the mission

statement on the Anon+/Anonplus home page, which includes a few others. (btw, as an editor/writer I'm well

aware that typos happen--I've certainly been guilty of them; in fact, there might even be one or two in

this post--though I hope not.)

Here's a chunk of the mission statement as it first appeared:

Anonplus was meant to twart [sic] wholesale christian louboutin government censorship--so that in the case of a government blackout--the

people can still be heard. The people are so far estranged from their world governments that they do not

have a voice--even outside of revolution--therefore, they need an amplification tool without having to fear

censorhip [sic] from both the government AND the social network/media that they are choosing to use.

"Twart" should of course be "thwart." But I like the sound of "twart"--it conjures an image of the hacker

as wart on the nose of The Man. "Censorhip," too, is great, with its suggestion that state-sponsored

suppression of free speech is the in thing. Are these typos intentional? Probably not (after all,

"censorship" is spelled correctly the first time around), but the often clever writing of Anonymous

spinoff/subset LulzSec makes me like to think so.

The mission statement (which you can read in its entirety at the end of this post) continues:

This social network will also incorporate moncler outlet and facilitate an open source educational environment allowing

those who want, to further their knowledge of things that are righted to them at birth without having to

feed the machine thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so...They will be able to achieve knowledge on

how to defend themselves against those who would stand to oppose them in the chance that their liberty and

freedom be threatened.

Is that last bit a hint of an Anonymous-branded online hacktivist academy? Perhaps. There's also mention in

the statement of some sort of green-conscious bartering system being put into place, but it's hard to suss

out if this has to do with sidestepping the power (as in utilities) grid or avoiding the power (as in

"working for The Man") structure inherent in many people's 9-to-5 (or 8-to-5 or 9-to-6) existence.

At present, there's not a whole lot of content on Anon+/Anonplus. Sections include Latest News, Documents,

Donations, Forums, Art & Screens (or Arts & Funs), WebChats, Contacts, and an FAQ. The Forum link takes you

to another site, which seems to be fairly well fleshed out.

And as the FAQ makes clear, the people behind the effort aren't necessarily sure how the whole thing will

shape up: "It is merely a network of free thinking, free minded people banding together to create an

anonymous communications tool capable wholesale abercrombie of sustaining a social network. What comes from it is left for the

community itself to populate and utilize."

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