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北京猎头职位:Senior SW Engineer ( Linux)

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北京猎头职位:Senior SW Engineer ( Linux)

地点:北京 中关村地区

Job Summary
This position is part of an agile and globally distributed product development team.The candidate will work in Java on the JBoss platform. (Seam, RESTEasy, Drools, JBM) and other technologies as applicable.

* Design, implement, and extended both internal and external software
* Ensure ongoing quality of the application codebases through bug fixes, refactoring and test automation
* Collaborate with other developers across multiple departments and technology stacks for cross team projects
* Work with business staff to implement required features correctly and completely
* Provide onboarding support and ongoing mentoring to new or junior associates

Job Requirements
* 4+ years application development development experience
* 3+ years Java/JEE development experience
* Experience with Lucene, Tika, or Mahout strongly desirable
* Experience with JBoss EAP strongly desirable
* Experience with web services (REST, SOAP) required
* Experience with Java messaging desirable
* Experience with Java web application development (JSF, RichFaces, Seam, Hibernate) desirable
* Experience with Maven, Ant, Git, Puppet desirable
* Experience with Hudson, Sonar, Selenium desirable
* Creative, motivated, and capable of working both independently and as part of a globally distributed team
* Prior participation in open source software projects is a strong positive

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