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北京猎头职位:Senior SW Validation Engineer ( Web Application Testing)

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Looking for qualified candidates for the position of Quality Engineer for Web Application Testing. Responsibilities include setting up test environment, designing and developing test plan, cases and test scripts for automated testing, participating in test execution, analyzing test run results, reproducing and isolating faults, performing root cause investigation and reporting bugs.

Candidates must possess the following experience and skills:
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field or equivalent experience
- 3+ years QA test experience in Web-based and Linux/UNIX environments
- Understanding of HTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, other web UI technologies
- Automation experience with Selenium RC
- Scripting skills in python, perl or ruby
- Familiar with JMeter, htmlunit or other open source web testing tools will be a plus
- Outstanding problem-solving skills
- Ability to communicate effectively in English (verbal and written)
- Ability to set priorities, meet deadlines, and work independently
- Highly motivated, enjoys fast paced environment
- Team player who works well with others
- Attention to detail, a perfectionist will be highly regarded

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