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北京猎头职位:Senior SW Validation Engineer

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地点: 北京 建国门地区

The Beijing validation Senior Engineer is responsible for building and developinga
Beijing based software validation and test process and methodology,
and performthe ongoing software validation of an Agile developed product.  

Key Responsibilities
• Test process development includes:
• Defining test flow
• Build local lab and create procedures for use
• Procedures for using remote US-base lab facilities
• Purchasing or building test and automation tools
• Quality tracking
• Test development
• Testing for customer environment replication

  Managing testing of Agile product includes:
• Participating in requirements review and scheduling
• Short term early testing during development
• Final system test of complete product
• Defining test entry and exit criteria
• Providing key input to release criteria
• Managing product testing:
• Planning test runs
• Reporting test results
• Defect creation and tracking
• Monitoring product readiness for product release
• Ensuring full test coverage

Work Experience
• Minimum of 5 years work experience
• Past experience working with offshore remote offices
• English fluency is a must
• Communicate in written and presentation format
• Demonstrated proficiency in programming. Java preferred.
• Experience with jUnit, TestNG, Selenium or equivalent test automation frameworks
• Extensive UNIX/Linux background with scripting experience

Use of any of the following tools is a plus:
• Experience with test management tools such as test link, test director
• Experience testing highly scalable, highly available enterprise server systems, jboss

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