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北京猎头职位:JBoss/JEE Expert

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【北京猎头职位:JBoss/JEE Expert】

地点:北京 中关村地区

The Role:
A U.S. Company is seeking skilled Java experts to join the team of Middleware Engineers supporting the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite. We are adding senior-level and mid-level engineers to assist customers with middleware code and architecture. As a Middleware Sustaining Software Engineer, you will provide an important level of technical assistance to ensure that our highly-valued customers get the most out of the product. This position extends well beyond product support as you will take on the role of trusted partner to our enterprise customers by offering developer-to-developer assistance for JBoss open-source middleware software. You will work closely with senior engineers and developers to write new code, fix & improve code and provide highly technical solutions to support requests. Additionally, you will write patches, provide JBoss updates and contribute ideas through participation in an open and collaborative team environment. This opportunity is a tremendous chance to become part of a fast-paced, leading edge company that is changing the way software is developed, sold and supported.

Primary Responsibilities:
* Provide a high, detailed level of technical assistance to ensure our customers get the most out of our JBoss products
* Engage and collaborate with open source developers around the world
* Offer developer-to-developer assistance for the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite, working alongside in-house developers to write new code, fix and improve code, provide highly technical solutions and contribute to JBoss and open source software communities
* Act as the technical point of contact for a technology of your choosing within the JBoss Product Suite
* Develop patches and feature requests to provide upstream to the community and downstream to customers
* Advise customers on JEE architectural design decisions
* Work with other open source projects to help customers integrate

Required Skills & Experiences:
* 5+ years of professional J2EE/JEE platform. experience
* Deep experience with one or several JEE/App Server technologies such as JMS, Web Services, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Hibernate, Tomcat or Datasources
* Solid knowledge of the J2EE/JEE platform
* Hands-on experience with application server technologies (JBoss/WebSphere/WebLogic) and with databases and SQL
* A solid understanding of Java Programming API's & popular Java frameworks is preferred
* Strong troubleshooting/debugging skills and a passion for problem solving and investigation
* Ability and willingness to learn new open source middleware technologies
* Excellent oral and written English communications skills
* Ability to communicate courteously and effectively with customers, third party vendors and Red Hat associates
* Bachelor degree in engineering or computer science preferred, equivalent experience within the enterprise IT sector will also be considered
* Excellent verbal communication skills in English

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