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法资企业高薪急聘JAVA开发工程师 location:深圳

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Job Description:

The Employee will be in charge of :

- implementing the new projects initiative coming from the different departments of the company
- supporting production environment and fixing bugs,
- helping for Maintenance & Support
- Analyze,  test and deliver developments
- Other tasks assigned by Manager

Skills required :
5+ years in software development in Java
Hands on experience in Java, JavaScript, Struts, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, Design Patterns,
Any mainstream application server e.g. Tomcat, Weblogic, JBOSS

- Production support and bug fixes, maintenance & support
- Analysis, estimation, construction, testing and delivery of enhancements
- Good communication skills : will interact with internal clients directly
- Personal autonomy
- spoken and written English : working level

 Mobile+86 13760136937

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