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Oracle Internal X$Tables

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Oracle Internal X$Tables

  • x$bh Buffer Hash
  • x$kcbsw kernel cache, buffer statistics why

Note:34405.1 (select kcbwhdes, why0+why1+why2 "Gets", "OTHER_WAIT" from x$kcbsw s, x$kcbwh w where s.indx=w.indx and s."OTHER_WAIT">0 order by 3), Ref1 ("statistics about the way these [x$kcbwh] functions have been used")

  • x$k2gte Kernel 2-phase commit, Global Transaction Entry

Mark Bobak's query (originally in Metalink forum thread 524821.994, where he further attributed authorship) uses this table to find sessions coming from or going to a remote database; in short, x$k2gte.k2gtdses matches v$session.saddr, .k2gtdxcb matches v$transaction.addr. It's more robust than this query, and better than checking for DX locks for outgoing sessions (since a DX lock only shows up in v$lock for the current distributed transaction session).

  • x$kcbbf Kernel Cache, Buffer ?? Ref1 ("_db_handles")
  • x$kcbfwait kernel cache, buffer file wait

A commonly used query breaks down the contents of v$waitstat into per-datafile statistics: select count, time, name from v$datafile df, x$kcbfwait fw where fw.indx+1 = df.file#

  • x$kcbwait kernel cache, buffer wait
  • x$kcbwds kernel cache, buffer working descriptors
  • x$kcbwh kernel cache, buffer ??

See x$kcbsw for SQL. Ref1 ("different functions that may be used to perform. different types of logical I/O"), Ref2

  • x$kcccf kernel cache, controlfilemanagement control file

In 10gR1, to find controlfile size as viewed at OS level but from inside Oracle, select cfnam, (cffsz+1)*cfbsz from x$kcccf. cfbsz is the controlfile log block size; should report the same as the command dbfsize controlfile ($ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbfsize is available on UNIX, regardless Oracle version.) In 10gR2, block size and file size are both in v$controlfile although Reference manual misses them.

  • x$kcccp kernel cache, controlfile checkpoint progress

S. Adams and K Gopalakrishnan use this view to find how much the current redo log is filled.

  • x$kccdi kernel cache, controlfilemanagement database information
  • x$kccle kernel cache, controlfile logfile entry

lebsz may be used to show redo logfile block size, usually 512; should report the same as the command dbfsize redologfile ($ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbfsize is available on UNIX only)

  • x$kcfio kernel cache, file I/O
  • x$kclcrst kernel cache, lock, consistent read statistics

base table of v$cr_block_server or v$bsp, used to troubleshoot global cache cr requests

  • x$kclfh kernel cache, lock file header
  • x$kclfi kernel cache, lock file index
  • x$kcluh kernel cache, lock undo header
  • x$kclui kernel cache, lock undo index
  • x$kcrfx kernel cache, redo file context "columns bfs (buffer size) and bsz (block size). Dividing bfs by bsz gives mxr (the maximum number of blocks to read size)" (from Anjo Kolk's paper)
  • x$kdxst kernel data, index status used in catalog.sql to create index_stats
  • x$kdxhs kernel data, index histogram used in catalog.sql to create index_histogram
  • x$kghlu kernel generic, heap LRUs
  • x$kglcursor kernel generic, librarycache cursor

Base table for v$sql, v$sqlarea. Fixed view based on x$kglob according to x$kqfdt. See Note 1 or x$kglob for more details. One use of this table is for finding partially parsed SQLs because they cause parse failures (viewable in v$sysstat or v$sesstat). Their kglobt02 (command type) is 0, kglobt09 (child number) is 65535 for the child, SQL text length is cut to 20 chars, kglobt17 and kglobt18 (parsing and user schema) are 0 or 2147483644 (for 32-bit Oracle) depending on if it's parent or child, and obviously miss heap 6 (cursor body). Find them by select kglnaobj, kglnatim, kglobts0, kglnahsh from x$kglcursor where kglobt02 = 0 (kglobts0 is module; you can further restrict by kglnatim i.e. first_load_time).

  • x$kgllk kernel generic, librarycache lock

Used in catblock.sql to build dba_kgllock. If you get library cache lock or pin wait, kgllkhdl matches v$session_wait.p1raw (handle address), and kglnaobj is the first 80 characters of the object name. Note:122793.1 has this SQL for our convenience: select * from x$kgllk lock_a where kgllkreq = 0 and exists (select lock_b. kgllkhdl from x$kgllk lock_b where kgllkses = '&saddr_from_v$session' /* blocked session */ and lock_a.kgllkhdl = lock_b.kgllkhdl and kgllkreq > 0). Kgllkadr column is shown in event 10270 trace files to find SQLs in session cursor cache (Ref)

  • x$kglob kernel generic, librarycache object

To find library cache object for wait events library cache pin or lock and pipe get or put, match kglhdadr with v$session_wait.p1raw. kglhdflg is partially explained in Note:311689.1 (for permanent keeping). kglhddmk may be data object load mask; can be used to identify the number of the loaded heap, counted from 0 (see comment of 06/12/01 in Bug:1164709). Steve Adams' objects_on_hot_latches.sql finds the way Oracle links a library cache object (based on kglnahsh) to a specific library cache child latch. x$kglob, and in case of cursors x$kglcursor too, can be used to find library cache objects that are partially built therefore not visible in v$sql(XXX), v$open_cursor, v$object_dependency. (Try typing select *; and enter, then check these views!)

  • x$kglpn kernel generic, librarycache pin

used in catblock.sql to build dba_kgllock

  • x$kglrd kernel generic, librarycache readonly dependency

kglnacnm is PL/SQL program unit or anonymous block while kglnadnm is the individual SQLs inside the PL/SQL unit. (see Ref; see also v$object_dependency, but that doesn't show relation between PL/SQL block and its contents)

  • x$kglst kernel generic, librarycache status
  • x$kqfco kernel query, fixed table columns x$kqfco.kqfcotab=x$kqfta.indx
  • x$kqfta kernel query, fixed table
  • x$kqfdt kernel query, fixed derived table

acronym explained by Julian Dyke: it contains x$kglcursor, x$kgltable etc. which are based on

  • x$kglob; effectively these are views of other x$ tables, but Oracle couldn't call them views because they already had x$kqfvi
  • x$kqfp kernel query, fixed procedure used in catprc.sql to build disk_and_fixed_objects view
  • x$kqfsz kernel query, fixed size (size of fixed objects in current version of Oracle)
  • x$kqfvi kernel query, fixed view
  • x$kqfvt kernel query, fixed view table (how fixed view is built on fixed tables)
  • x$ksled, x$kslei, x$ksles kernel service, event definition, events for instance, events for session, respectively ("l" probably means "lock")
  • x$kslpo kernel service, latch posting

Note:653299 says it "tracks which function is posting smon". Ksllwnam column (the part before semicolon if it exists) can match v$latch_misses.location to identify the latch that uses this function.

  • x$ksmfs kernel service, memory fixed SGA

also contains db_block_buffers and log_buffer sizes for some reason

  • x$ksmfsv kernel service, memory fixed SGA variables

detailing fixed SGA: select a.ksmfsnam, a.ksmfstyp, a.ksmfssiz, b.ksmmmval from x$ksmfsv a, x$ksmmem b where a.ksmfsadr = b.addr and a.ksmfsnam like… (Ref. p.82, Oracle Internal Services). For a latch, get ksmfsnam by matching x$ksmfsv.ksmfadr with x$kslld.kslldadr. You can see SGA parameters in ksmfsnam column and get their values with oradebug dumpvar varname or all values with oradebug dumpsga

  • x$ksmhp kernel service, memory heap

S. Adams, "What it returns depends on which heap descriptor you join to it. It is effectively a function returning the contents of an arbitrary heap that takes the heap descriptor as its argument."

  • x$ksmjs kernel service, memory java_pool summary
  • x$ksmlru kernel service, memory LRU

Refer to Metalink Notes 61623.1 and 43600.1 for details. Note that query on this table can only be done once; subsequent query returns no rows unless large chunk shared pool allocations happened in the interim.

  • x$ksmls kernel service, memory large_pool summary
  • x$ksmmem kernel service, memory

Entire SGA memory map. You can find your database version by select ksmmmval from x$ksmmem where indx = 2 (if it's 64-bit Oracle, try 1), regardless machine architecture endian-ness. Note that the 4 bytes containing the version are delimited as XX.X.XX.X.XX so 09200300 is Due to memory guard pages, you can only select from x$ksmmem specifying rownum < some number or indx = some value; otherwise the session may hang or throws ORA-3113 (Windows doesn't seem to have this problem). indx is SGA index, i.e. SGA address minus sgabeg (which is x$ksmmem.addr where indx = 0) divided by 4 (or whatever the gap is between two addr's), possibly plus some offset.

  • x$ksmpp kernel service, memory pga heap

PGA heap (variable area)

  • x$ksmsd kernel service, memory sga definition
  • x$ksmsp kernel service, memory sga heap

The 3rd argument of ORA-4031 tells you which section of shared (or java or large) pool is short of memory. It matches x$ksmsp.ksmchcom (or v$

  • x$ksmspr kernel service, memory shared pool reserved
  • x$ksmss kernel service, memory shared_pool summary

The 3rd argument of ORA-4031 tells you which section of shared (or java or large) pool is short of memory. It matches x$ksmss.ksmssnam (or v$

  • x$ksmup kernel service, memory uga heap

UGA heap (variable area)

  • x$ksppcv kernel service, parameter, current (session) value

Base table of v$parameter and v$parameter2. See comments on x$ksppi.

  • x$ksppi kernel service, parameter, parameter info

Base table of v$parameter, v$system_parameter and v$system_parameter2. Often used to see undocumented parameters: select a.ksppinm Parameter, a.ksppdesc Description, b.ksppstvl "Session Value", c.ksppstvl "Instance Value" from x$ksppi a, x$ksppcv b, x$ksppsv c where a.indx = b.indx and a.indx = c.indx and a.ksppinm like '\_%' escape '\' order by 1

  • x$ksppsv kernel service, parameter, system value

Base table of v$system_parameter and v$system_parameter2. See comments on x$ksppi.

  • x$ksqeq kernel service, enqueue en-queue
  • x$ksqrs kernel service, enqueue resource

"shows all outstanding enqueues with an additional flag. It basically shows the same information as the v$lock table." from Note1, which also gives the meanings of the flags.

  • x$ksqst kernel service, enqueue_management statistics types

Acronym explained by K Gopalakrishnan. You can find how many times each type of enqueue lock has been taken since instance startup by select * from x$ksqst where ksqstget > 0 or in 9i select * from x$ksqst where ksqstsgt > 0 or ksqstfgt > 0. But v$enqueue_stat in 9i can also be used instead.

  • x$ksulv kernel service, user locale value
  • x$ksulop kernel service, user long operation
  • x$ksupr kernel service, user process
  • x$ksuse kernel service, user session
  • x$ktcxb kernel transaction, control object

Base table of v$transaction. 4 bits of ktcxbflg column, exposed as v$transaction.flag, are explained in v$fixed_view_definition. Metalink 238763.996 explains the bit for isolation level. Since v$transaction is empty without a transaction, you can directly query x$ktcxb to find sessions with serializable isolation level: select * from v$session where taddr in (select ktcxbxba from x$ktcxb where bitand(ktcxbflg,268435456) <> 0). Other flags not shown in v$fixed_view_definition are: 1 read write and read committed, 4 read only.

  • x$ktfbfe kernel transaction, file bitmap free extent

Free extent bitmap in file header for LMT (equivalent to fet$ in DMT); check dba_free_space view definition

  • x$ktfbhc kernel transaction, file bitmap ? ?

Summarizes free space with one row per datafile (Ref); check dba_data_files or dba_temp_files view definition

  • x$ktfbue kernel transaction, file bitmap used extent

Used extent bitmap in file header for LMT (equivalent to uet$ in DMT)

  • x$ktuxe kernel transaction, undo transaction entry

Steve Adams says, you "get the SCN of the most recently committed (local) transaction" with select max(ktuxescnw * power(2, 32) + ktuxescnb) from x$ktuxe

  • x$kxfpsds kernel execution, fast process slave dequeue statistics

Current list of reasons for parallel execution dequeuing, as explained for wait event "parallel query dequeue wait" in Anjo Kolk's paper.

  • x$kzsprv kernel security, session privilege

Session-specific. Base table for v$enabledprivilege, which is base table of session_privs

  • x$kzsro kernel security, session role

used in many SQL scripts in ?/rdbms/admin

  • x$le lock element To find the buffer header in the cache, select a.* from x$bh a, x$le b where a.le_addr = b.addr (from Anjo Kolk's paper)
  • x$le_stat lock element status
  • x$message (background process) messages

This records (possibly) all actions each background process can do.

  • x$trace Beginning with 9i, x$trace records event tracing info.

select event, count(*) from x$trace group by event shows what events are enabled internally (not shown in v$parameter). oerr ora eventID on UNIX shows the event name. RAC databases should have GES and GCS related events set. select pid, count(*) from x$trace group by pid shows how many events have been trapped by each oracle process (including those that exited). select sid, pid, count(*) from x$trace where (sid, pid) in (select sid, pid from v$session s, v$process p where s.paddr = p.addr) group by sid, pid order by 1, 2 shows the numbers for each currently existing session (I think without the where clause, exited sessions would be included). select event, op, time, seq#, data from x$trace where sid = &sid and pid = &pid order by time shows traced events for a session in question.

  • x$uganco user global area, network connection Base table of v$dblink.

Since it's about UGA, each session has different content. After you end your distributed transactions (which includes distributed queries) and close database links, v$dblink no longer shows the entries. But x$uganco still has them, with ncoflg set to 8320 and hstflg set to 0. These entries linger even after shared pool flush (or global context flush in 10g).

The format is shown as following:
Table Name Acronym Expanded

X$Table Name Meaning

Creation Date: 14-MAR-1995
Last Revision Date: 23-SEP-1999

This is a summary list of X$ Table Definitions - Last revision was 7.3.2
The main purpose of this note is to show the naming conventions.

[K]ernel Layer                                                                
    [2]-Phase Commit                                                            
      [G]lobal [T]ransaction [E]ntry                                            
        X$K2GTE  - Current 2PC tx                                               
        X$K2GTE2 - Current 2PC tx                                               
    [C]ache Layer                                                               
      [B]uffer Management                                                       
        Buffer [H]ash                                                           
          X$BH - Hash Table                                                     
        Buffer LRU Statistics                                                   
          X$KCBCBH - [C]urrent [B]uffers (buckets) - lru_statistics             
          X$KCBRBH - [R]ecent [B]uffers (buckets) - lru_extended                
        Buffer [WAIT]s                                                          
          X$KCBWAIT  - Waits by block class                                     
          X$KCBFWAIT - Waits by File                                            
        [W]orking Sets - 7.3 or higher                                          
          X$KCBWDS - Set [D]escriptors                                          
      [C]ontrol File Management                                                 
        [C]ontrol [F]ile List - 7.0.16 or higher                                
          X$KCCCF - Control File Names & status                                 
        [D]atabase [I]nformation                                                
          X$KCCDI - Database Information                                        
        Data [F]iles                                                            
          X$KCCFE - File [E]ntries ( from control file )                        
          X$KCCFN - [F]ile [N]ames                                              
        [L]og Files                                                             
          X$KCCLE - Log File [E]ntries                                          
          X$KCCLH - Log [H]istory ( archive entries )                           
        Thread Information                                                      
          X$KCCRT - [R]edo [T]hread Information                                 
      [F]ile Management                                                         
        X$KCFIO - File [IO] Statistics                                          
      [L]ock Manager Component ( LCK )                                          
        [H]ash and Bucket Tables - 7.0.15 to 7.1.1, and 7.2.0 or higher         
          X$KCLFH - File [H]ash Table                                           
          X$KCLFI - File Bucket Table                                           
        X$LE - Lock [E]lements                                                  
        X$LE_STAT - Lock Conversion [STAT]istics                                
        X$KCLFX - Lock Element [F]ree list statistics - 7.3 or higher           
        X$KCLLS - Per LCK free list statistics - 7.3 or higher                  
        X$KCLQN - [N]ame (hash) table statistics - 7.3 or higher                
      [R]edo Component                                                          
        [M]edia recovery  - kcra.h - 7.3 or higher                              
          X$KCRMF - [F]ile context                                              
          X$KCRMT - [T]hread context                                            
          X$KCRMX - Recovery Conte[X]t                                          
        [F]ile read                                                             
          X$KCRFX - File Read Conte[X]t -  7.3 or higher                        
      Reco[V]ery Component                                                      
        [F]ile [H]eaders                                                        
          X$KCVFH - All file headers                                            
          X$KCVFHMRR - Files with [M]edia [R]ecovery [R]equired                 
          X$KCVFHONL - [ONL]ine File headers                                    
      [K]ompatibility Management - 7.1.1 or higher                              
        X$KCKCE - [C]ompatibility Segment [E]ntries                             
        X$KCKTY - Compatibility [TY]pes                                         
        X$KCKFM - Compatibility [F]or[M]ats ( index into X$KCKCE )              
    [D]ata Layer                                                                
      Sequence [N]umber Component                                               
         X$KDNCE - Sequence [C]ache [E]ntries - 7.2 or lower                     
        [S]equence Enqueues - common area for enqueue objects                   
          X$KDNSSC - [C]ache Enqueue Objects - 7.2 or lower                     
          X$KDNSSF - [F]lush Enqueue Objects - 7.2 or lower                     
        X$KDNST - Cache [ST]atistics - 7.2 or lower                             
      Inde[X] Block Component                                                   
        X$KDXHS - Index [H]i[S]togram                                           
        X$KDXST - Index [ST]atistics                                            
    [G]eneric Layer                                                             
      [H]eap Manager                                                            
        X$KGHLU - State (summary) of [L]R[U] heap(s) - defined in ksmh.h        
      [I]nstantiation Manager                                                   
        [C]ursor [C]ache                                                        
          X$KGICC - Session statistics - defined in kqlf.h                      
          X$KGICS - System wide statistics - defined in kqlf.h                  
      [L]ibrary Cache Manager  ( defined and mapped from kqlf )                 
        Bind Variables                                                          
          X$KKSBV - Library Object [B]ind [V]ariables                           
        Object Cache (KGL = Kernel General Library Cache)
          X$KGLOB - All [OB]jects                                               
          X$KGLTABLE   - Filter for [TABLE]s                                    
          X$KGLBODY    - Filter for [BODY] ( packages )                         
          X$KGLTRIGGER - Filter for [TRIGGER]s                                  
          X$KGLINDEX   - Filter for [INDEX]es                                   
          X$KGLCLUSTER - Filter for [CLUSTER]s                                  
          X$KGLCURSOR  - Filter for [CURSOR]s                                   
        Cache Dependency                                                        
          X$KGLDP - Object [D]e[P]endency table                                 
          X$KGLRD - [R]ead only [D]ependency table - 7.3 or higher              
        Object Locks                                                            
          X$KGLLK - Object [L]oc[K]s                                            
        Object Names                                                            
          X$KGLNA - Object [NA]mes (sql text)                                   
          X$KGLNA1 - Object [NA]mes (sql text) with newlines - 7.2.0 or higher  
        Object Pins                                                             
          X$KGLPN - Object [P]i[N]s                                             
        Cache Statistics                                                        
          X$KGLST - Library cache [ST]atistics                                  
        Translation Table                                                       
          X$KGLTR - Address [TR]anslation                                       
        Access Table                                                            
          X$KGLXS - Object Access Table                                         
        Authorization Table - 7.1.5 or higher                                   
          X$KGLAU - Object Authorization table                                  
        Latch Cleanup - 7.0.15 or higher                                        
          X$KGLLC - [L]atch [C]leanup for Cache/Pin Latches                     
    [K]ompile Layer                                                             
      [S]hared Objects                                                          
        X$KKSAI - Cursor [A]llocation [I]nformation - 7.3.2 or higher           
        X$KLLCNT - [C]o[NT]rol Statistics                                       
        X$KLLTAB - [TAB]le Statistics                                           
    [M]ulti-Threaded Layer                                                      
      [C]ircuit component                                                       
        X$KMCQS - Current [Q]ueue [S]tate                                       
        X$KMCVC - [V]irtual [C]ircuit state                                     
      [M]onitor Server/dispatcher                                               
          X$KMMDI - [D]ispatcher [I]nfo (status)                                
           X$KMMDP - [D]ispatcher Config ( [P]rotocol info )                     
          X$KMMSI - [S]erver [I]nfo ( status )                                  
        X$KMMSG - [SG]a info ( global statistics)                               
        X$KMMRD - [R]equest timing [D]istributions                              
    s[Q]l Version and Option Layer                                              
      Kernel [V]ersions                                                         
        X$VERSION - Library versions                                            
      Kernel [O]ptions - 7.1.3 or higher                                        
        X$OPTION - Server Options                                               
    [Q]uery Layer                                                               
      [D]ictionary Cache Management                                             
        X$KQDPG - [PG]a row cache cursor statistics                             
      [F]ixed Tables/views Management                                           
        X$KQFCO - Table [CO]lumn definitions                                    
        X$KQFDT - [D]erived [T]ables                                            
        X$KQFSZ - Kernel Data structure type [S]i[Z]es                          
        X$KQFTA - Fixed [TA]bles                                                
        X$KQFVI - Fixed [VI]ews                                                 
        X$KQFVT - [V]iew [T]ext definition - 7.2.0 or higher                    
      [R]ow Cache Management                                                    
        X$KQRST - Cache [ST]atistics                                            
        X$KQRPD - [P]arent Cache [D]efinition - 7.1.5 or higher                 
        X$KQRSD - [S]ubordinate Cache [D]efinition - 7.1.5 or higher            
    [S]ervice Layer                                                             
      [B]ackground Management                                                   
        [D]etached Process                                                      
          X$KSBDD - Detached Process [D]efinition (info)                        
          X$KSBDP - Detached [P]rocess Descriptor (name)                        
          X$MESSAGES - Background Message table                                 
      [I]nstance [M]anagement - 7.3 or higher                                   
        X$KSIMAT - Instance [AT]tributes                                        
        X$KSIMAV - [A]ttribute [V]alues for all instances                       
        X$KSIMSI - [S]erial and [I]nstance numbers                              
      [L]ock Management                                                         
        [E]vent Waits                                                           
          X$KSLED - Event [D]escriptors                                         
          X$KSLEI - [I]nstance wide statistics since startup                    
          X$KSLES - Current [S]ession statistics                                
          X$KSLLD - Latch [D]escriptor (name)                                   
          X$KSLLT - Latch statistics [ + Child latches @ 7.3 or higher ]        
          X$KSLLW - Latch context ( [W]here ) descriptors - 7.3 or higher       
          X$KSLPO - Latch [PO]st statistics - 7.3 or higher                     
          X$KSLWSC- No[W]ait and [S]leep [C]ount stats by Context -7.3 or higher
      [M]emory Management                                                       
        [C]ontext areas                                                         
          X$KSMCX - E[X]tended statistics on usage - 7.3.1 or lower             
        Heap Areas                                                              
          X$KSMSP - SGA Hea[P]                                                  
          X$KSMPP - [P]GA Hea[P] - 7.3.2 and above                              
          X$KSMUP - [U]GA Hea[P] - 7.3.2 and above                              
          X$KSMHP - Any [H]ea[P] - 7.3.2 and above                              
          X$KSMSPR- [S]hared [P]ool [R]eserved List - 7.1.5 or higher           
        [L]east recently used shared pool chunks                                
          X$KSMLRU - LR[U] flushes from the shared pool                         
        [S]GA Objects                                                           
          X$KSMSD - Size [D]efinition for Fixed/Variable summary                
          X$KSMSS - Statistics (lengths) of SGA objects                         
        SGA [MEM]ory                                                            
           X$KSMMEM - map of the entire SGA - 7.2.0 or higher                    
          X$KSMFSV - Addresses of [F]ixed [S]GA [V]ariables - 7.2.1 or higher   
      [P]arameter Component                                                     
          X$KSPPI  - [P]arameter [I]nfo ( Names )                               
          X$KSPPCV - [C]urrent Session [V]alues - 7.3.2 or above                
          X$KSPPSV - [S]ystem [V]alues - 7.3.2 or above                         
      En[Q]ueue Management                                                      
        X$KSQDN - Global [D]atabase [N]ame                                      
        X$KSQEQ - [E]n[Q]ueue Object                                            
        X$KSQRS - Enqueue [R]e[S]ource                                          
        X$KSQST - Enqueue [S]tatistics by [T]ype                                
      [U]ser Management                                                         
          X$KSUCF - Cost [F]unction (resource limit)                            
           X$KSULL - Licence [L]imits                                           
        [L]anguage Manager                                                      
          X$NLS_PARAMETERS - NLS parameters                                     
          X$KSULV - NLS [V]alid Values - 7.1.2 or higher                        
        [MY] [ST]atistics                                                       
          X$KSUMYSTA - [MY] [ST]atisics (current session)                       
        [P]rocess Info                                                          
          X$KSUPL - Process (resource) [L]imits                                 
          X$KSUPRLAT - [LAT]ch Holder                                           
          X$KSUPR - Process object                                              
          X$KSURU - Resource [U]sage                                            
          X$KSUSD - [D]escriptors (statistic names)                             
          X$KSUSGSTA - [G]lobal [ST]atistics                                    
          X$KSUSECST - Session status for events                                
          X$KSUSESTA - Session [STA]tistics                                     
          X$KSUSECON - [CON]nection Authentication - 7.2.1 or higher            
          X$KSUSE - [SE]ssion Info                                              
          X$KSUSIO - [S]ystem [IO] statistics per session                       
          X$KSUTM - Ti[M]e in 1/100th seconds                                   
        Instance [X]                                                            
          X$KSUXSINST - [INST]ance state                                        
        [T]race management                                                      
          X$TRACE - Current traced events                                       
          X$TRACES - All possible traces                                        
          X$KSTEX - Code [EX]ecution - 7.2.1 or higher                          
      E[X]ecution Management                                                    
        Device/Node [A]ffinity - 7.3.2 and above                                
          X$KSXAFA - Current File/Node Affinity                                 
    [T]ransaction Layer                                                         
      Table [A]ccess [D]efinition                                               
        X$KTADM - D[M]L lock                                                    
      [C]ontrol Component                                                       
        X$KTCXB - Transaction O[B]ject                                          
      [S]or[T] Segments - 7.3 or higher                                         
        X$KTSTSSD - [S]ort [S]egment [D]escriptor - per tablespace statistics   
        X$KTTVS - [V]alid [S]aveundo                                            
        X$KTURD - Inuse [D]escriptors                                           
        X$KTUXE - Transaction [E]ntry (table) - 7.3.2 or above                  
    Performance Layer [V] - 7.0.16 or higher                                    
       [I]nformation tables                                                      
        X$KVII - [I]nitialisation Instance parameters                           
        X$KVIS - [S]izes of structure elements                                  
        X$KVIT - [T]ransitory Instance parameters                               
    Security Layer [Z]                                                          
      [D]ictionary Component                                                    
        X$KZDOS - [OS] roles                                                    
      [S]ecurity State                                                          
        X$KZSPR - Enabled [PR]ivileges                                          
        X$KZSRO - Enabled [RO]les                                               
      [R]emote Logins - 7.1.1 or higher                                         
        X$KZSRT - [R]emote Password File [T]able entries                        
    E[X]ecution Layer                                                           
      Parallel Query (Execute [F]ast) - 7.1.1 or higher                         
        [P]rocess and Queue Manager                                             
          Statistics - 7.1.3 or higher                                          
            X$KXFPYS - S[YS]tem Statistics                                      
            X$KXFPDP - [D]etached [P]rocess (slave) statistics                  
            X$KXFQSROW - Table [Q]ueue Statistics - 7.3.2 or higher             
          [C]oordinator Component                                               
            X$KXFPCST - Query [ST]atistics                                      
            X$KXFPCMS - [M]essage [S]tatistics                                  
            X$KXFPCDS - [D]equeue [S]tatistics                                  
          [S]lave Component                                                     
            X$KXFPSST - Query [ST]atistics                                      
            X$KXFPSMS - [M]essage [S]tatistics                                  
            X$KXFPCDS - [D]equeue [S]tatistics                                  
      [S]hared Cursor                                                           
        X$KXSBD - [B]ind [D]ata - 7.3.2 and above                               
        X$KXSCC - SQL [C]ursor [C]ache Data - 7.3.2 and above                   
  [N]etwork Layer - 7.0.15 or higher                                            
    Network [CO]nnections                                                       
      X$UGANCO - Current [N]etwork [CO]nnections

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