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Oracle pending area

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If you do not use Enterprise Manager to create the resource plan or resource consumer groups,you must first create a pending area.

The first thing you must do to create or modify plan schemas is to create a pending area.This is a scratch area allowing you to stage your changes and to validate the before they are made active.

To create a pending area,you use the following statement:


In effect, you are making the pending area active and "loading" all existing, or active, plan schemas into the pending area so that they can be updated or new plans added. Active plan schemas are those schemas already stored in the data dictionary for use by the Database Resource Manager. If you attempt to update a plan or add a new plan without first activating (creating) the pending area, you will receive an error message notifying you that the pending area is not active.

ORA-29371: pending area is not active

Cause: An attempt was made to make changes without creating a pending area.

Action: Invoke procedure CREATE_PENDING_AREA before making any changes.


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