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Script form where used

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Is there a way that I can find where used list of a SAP Script? 
I need to find the program that calls the particular form.


Where used list for a sapscript would be difficult in cases where the script is called dynamically.

There is no way of finding the program name of SAP Script. 

But you can get the program names from table TNAPR by passing the SAP Script name.

In cases where the script is configured via customising, then you can check it in TNAPR table by putting it in FONAM field.


Also there is one more way of finding the Print Program Name for the specified Script.

Just Goto transaction SE71 

--> Enter Form Name --> Display --> In Menu --> Form --> Check --> Texts --> Select Include Res --> Click on click

This will give you the print program list for the specified SAP Script.

Also you can get the program name from NACE transaction.

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