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  1.  All the folders should be closed for assigning workflows to Integration Service
  2. Recover -- recovers a suspended Workflow after a failed Task is corrected from the point of failure
  3. Abort has a 60 second timeout
    If the Integration Service has not completed processing and committing data during the timeout period, the threads and processes associated with the Session are killed
  4. Stopping a Session Task means the Server stops reading data
  5. In case of multiple filter transformation the Integration service processes rows for each transformation but in case of router the incoming rows are processed only once.

  6. The Sorter transformation is often more efficient than a sort performed on a database with an ORDER BY clause
  7. Sorted Ports option. This option is highly recommended in order to improve session performance. To use Sorted Ports, you must pass data from the Source Qualifier to the Aggregator transformation sorted by Group By port, in ascending or descending order. Otherwise, the Server will read and group all data first before performing calculations.
  8. aggregator functions are Used only in Aggregator transformations
    Used in output ports only(not in variable and input port)
    Only one aggregate function can be nested within an aggregate function
  9. If the filter condition evaluates to NULL for all records in the selected input port, the aggregate function returns NULL (except COUNT).
    When you configure the PowerCenter server, they can choose how they want the server to handle null values in aggregate functions. Users can have the server treat null values in aggregate functions as NULL or zero. By default, the PowerCenter server treats null values as nulls in aggregate functions. (null value processed in Agg)
  10. Mapping Parameters and Variables
    Apply to all transformations within one Mapping

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