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some transformations notices

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  1. SQ是同类数据源,joiner可以是同类也可以是异类
  2. 如果数据源的表来自于不同的数据库,或者有一方是flat file,那么在joiner中,不可以写SQL
  3. The Joiner does not accept input in the following situations:
    Both input pipelines begin with the same Source Qualifier
    Both input pipelines begin with the same Normalizer
    Both input pipelines begin with the same Joiner
    Either input pipeline contains an Update Strategy
  4. sort input for joiner
    Sort order must be configured by the use of sorted sources (flat files/relational tables)  or sorter transformation
  5. Commands can also be referenced in a Session through the Session “Components” tab as Pre- or Post-Session commands
  6. Email can be also sent  by using post-session email option and suspension email options of the session. (Non-reusable)
  7. Sessions in a Workflow can be independently executed
  8. Define Workflow Variables that can be used in later Task objects(example:  Decision Task)
  9. Create a User-defined Event which can later be used with the Raise Event Task


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