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SAP Basis常用T-Code

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SALE  Display ALE Customizing
SM59  RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
BD64  Maintenance of Distribution Model
BD82  Generate Partner Profiles
WE20  Partner Profiles
WE21  Port definition
WE30  IDoc Type Development ( View Segments of an IDOC )
WE60  IDOC segment field description
WE19  Test tool for IDOC Processing
WE05  IDOC Lists
WE09  Search for IDOC in Database
BD87  Status Monitor for ALE Messages (Process IDOC manually)
BD73  Start Error Handling for Non-Posted IDocs
WEDI  IDOC and EDI Basis
Change Pointers:
BD50  Activate change pointer for message type
BD61  Activate Change pointer generally
BD52  Triggering table and field name
BD21  Creates and sends the Idoc for Change pointer method
BD59  Set the field for Filter in Distribution Model 
BD95  Along with BD59 , used for setting a filter in Distribution model

Assigning FM to the outbound IDOC , and specifying Change:

BD60 pointer Table and Object  
BD56  Segment Filtering
Inbound IDOC:
WE81  Create Logical message types
WE82  Assign Messages for IDoc Type
WE31  Development IDoc Segment
WE57  Assignment of FM to Log, Message and IDoc Type
BD51  Characteristics of Inbound FM
WE42  Creating Inbound Process Code
BD67  Function modules for Inbound ALE-EDI

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