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SMTP Service Configuration in SAP NetWeaver

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SMTP Service Configuration in SAP NetWeaver.

1. Use transaction SCOT
2. From tope menu: View -> System Status
3. Double Click on SMTP
4. You will get a window and fill in description
5. Tick the "Node in use" box
6. Enter the hostname of the email exchange server
7. Mail port will be 25
8. Click on the button next to Internet called "Set"
9. You will get another window, in the "address area" box, enter *
10. Click the green check button to exit the second window
11. Click the green check button to exit the main window
12. From top menu: Settings -> Default Domain
13. in the small box that appears enter the domain name which is the last part after the @ sign. eg, The domain name would be
14. You need to define a job to process the email, from top menu: View -> Jobs
15. From top menu: Job -> Create
16. Enter a name
17. Click on "INT" in the list then "Schedule job" button
18. Enter start date and time, then click on "Schedule Periodically" button
19. Enter something like every 10 minutes.
20. the configuration is now complete. To test it, you need to have an email defined in your user id properties. Use SU01 for that.
21. Use transaction SO00
22. Put Title, and text in the body, then enter your email address below, the recepient type would be "internet address"
23. After a maximum of 10 minutes you should get the email address. You can execute Programe RSCONN01 in SE38 to send email immediately.


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